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It’s That Time Again For..The Bachelorette!

So Emily Maynard is the Bachelorette this season. As we know she was a fan favorite (of the guys) after Brad’s season. Luckily for the guys, Emily is now single and ready to find love! I love The Bachelor, but I definitely like The Bachelorette more. There’s something about the guys fighting over the girl that makes it more fun to watch as well as there is more of a focus on the dates and connections they have with her more so than the drama.

First off, I love that this season takes place in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. It really gives the guys a chance to see Emily in her element.

The guys that really stuck out to me that first night were Sean, Arie, and Doug. Sean was the first one out of the limo. He seems like a classy, respectful, southern gentleman and on the show for the right reasons; to meet the woman of his dreams. Arie stood out number one, because of his good looks but also because he’s a race car driver. Emily’s fiancé was a race car driver and crashed on the way to a race which could bring back negative memories, but she could also be attracted to him because of his career and the happy memories that she’s had on the track. What stood out to me about both Sean and Arie was how they didn’t try to impress Emily when they met her for the first time. About 3/4 of the guys tried to impress her by riding a skateboard, arriving in a helicopter, dancing, trying to sell themselves based on their talents, talking about their children if they have them, etc. If one has to try and sell themselves to her, they either are too confident in themselves or they are not confident at all. Sean and Arie just introduced themselves, told Emily that she looked beautiful, and they are looking forward to talking to her more inside. Simple, yet sweet! Who’s heart wouldn’t melt seeing Sean? Blonde hair, muscles, tall, and a gorgeous smile? Yum! Doug also stood out to me. Since he has a child he can relate to Emily and her life being a single mother. Doug gave her a letter from his son which was oh so sweet, but again, a little strange the first night. Sweet gesture or trying to hard? Doug must have stood out because he got the first impression rose.

Let’s talk about Kalon! Flying in on a helicopter? I mean come on! Thats a little over the top. Yes, Lindzi on Ben’s season of The Bachelor came in on a horse but that showed something about her personality and her interest and love of horses. It definitely seemed like Kalon is on the show to promote himself and to look good instead of him coming on to look for love. Watch out Emily!

Jef seems really sweet and there for the right reasons. Emily said he makes her feel nerdy! That is so cute. Then we have Travis (and Shelley!). Travis brought an egg on the show? An egg named Shelley? Yes, thats right. Tony brought Emily a glass shoe, claiming that he’s looking for his princess. Sweet gesture but a little over the top for the first night. I feel as though the guys who bring Emily things to prove themselves are just trying too hard. Maybe, maybe not! We shall see!



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