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Bachelorette Dish: Episode 2

Here we go! Buckle your seat belts friends! The one-on-one dates have begun! We first see a 1 on 1 date with Emily and Ryan. My first impression of Ryan: Ignorant, arrogant, narcissistic, and cocky; True? Emily planned a very low key date for Ryan to get to see her daily life as a mom. He didn’t seem to have a problem with baking cookies and doing errands but he also gave off the vibe that he deserved more than that. Although he didn’t let Emily know he wanted more of a glamorous date, he was definitely thinking it all along. I think she needs to watch out for Ryan as time goes on.

The group date was awesome! What better date than to put on a variety show with miss piggy and kermit? Emily can really see the guys personality and expression come out. If they can’t have fun and let loose with this then they’re too uptight and serious! It was also great that the proceeds were going to charity. Charlie was so sweet on this date! He really showed Emily the true him and opened up about his accident as well as his insecurities which shows that he’s a real man. Go Charlie!

During the cocktail party after the show Chris was the first one to take Emily aside for personal time. Is it just me or does Chris seem like a very immature, giddy little school boy? Tonight I definitely saw the immaturity in him that really proves he’s not ready for a serious relationship that includes jumping into a potential step-father role. Emily proved that she is a mature, strong woman who knows what she wants when she confronted Jef! Whoa! Jef deserved the questions that she threw at him. If he is interested in her he’s gotta show it! A simple smile or wink, an effort to come talk to her, or make contact would be fine. Step it up 1 F Jef!

The drama between Kalon and the guys is intense! Kalon’s arrogance is glaring right now. Stevie and him are butting heads due to the lack of time that they both have had with Emily and guys interrupting their time. Stevie comes out and says that he dislikes Kalon and then Kalon jumps down his throat and says “I wouldn’t like me either if I were you bro, but fortunately I’m me.” Kalon’s arrogance is shining through and he is definitely not there for Emily.

Emily and Joe’s date was definitely very romantic and ideal for a first date (not to mention Emily’s gorgeous gown!), too bad there wasn’t any chemistry. From the beginning you could tell there was no connection and potential for romantic chemistry. Aww, Joe was so cute! He is chivalrous and quite the gentleman. Just not a match!

At the rose ceremony cocktail party Arie was the first one she talked to. Arie seems like a very personable, warm guy. They had a good conversation that flowed and Emily hinted that Arie makes her very nervous (I think it’s a good nervous!). The jealousy and claws came out tonight! Ryan already had a rose and is safe so why take her away and take the time away from the other guys? Selfish! Ryan presented Emily with a little present? It’s not a present – its a note! A 7 page letter? That is wayyyy too much for having one date with her. Jeez! And Tony is standing right there watching her read this note? Holy awkwardness! Poor Tony! If Ryan was a gentleman he would have handed her the note and let Tony have some time with her considering Ryan already had a 1 on 1 date. Tony is so sweet! He seems so down to earth and such a good father. Although he’s a great guy and might be a good fit for Emily and her life, he just doesn’t seem ready to be away from his son to search for that.

Where was the Emily and Sean time? Boo! Wish there was less drama focused on at the cocktail party and more serious talks with the guys. Thats what this is all about, right? I think Emily made the right choice about sending Aaron and Kyle home. They didn’t stand out and didn’t seem right for her in the end. Let’s see what happens next week! Cheers!



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