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Bachelorette: Back it up Boys!

It’s week three and things are getting juicy! This week Emily went on two one-on-one dates and one group date. Chris got the first 1 on 1. My first impression of Chris was that he is very immature and not ready to be a husband and a father. Their date was cute! Chris was able to show Emily that he could be supportive in times of need and be that strong man that will back her up. It was pretty scary climbing up that wall, especially with thunder and lightening! I think even though Chris was there for her and supportive, he could have talked her through it a little more and been more affectionate when they accomplished that huge feat. Doing something like that together is supposed to bring two people close together. Each week it seems Chris is complaining about something; not getting a rose, not getting a 1 on 1 date, and during their first date he was complaining about not kissing her when they got to the top. Bite the bullet and do it Chris! Put your money where your mouth is! This is definitely where Chris’ immaturity comes in. If Sean or Arie were there they would have acted like real men and kissed her! Come on! Did you see the look on Emily’s face when Chris said he’s 25? Pure SHOCK! Yes, Emily is only 26 but she is very mature for her age, especially since having a child. She needs a guy that is a MAN who is mature and can be a husband and step into a step father role immediately. Chris cannot do that.

The group date this week was so cute! The guys had no idea what to expect but all of them rolled with the punches and handled it very well. Let’s talk about Sean! Those muscles on him are amazing! You could tell that Emily’s friends not only liked him because he’s gorgeous but because they could really see that he has great core values that line up with Emily’s. He really cares about his family and knows how to be a husband and raise children. If I were Emily I would have called off the show right then and there and picked Sean! Seriously Ryan? He not only interrupted girl time with Emily and her friends, he insulted her too! Saying that he expects her to remain in good shape when she has more children is disgusting. It just shows what kind of guy he is – A male chauvinist pig. Him saying he would still love her but not love on her as much is so disgusting. If I were Emily I would have definitely sent him home right then and there. Keeping him this week just proves to him that his pompous, arrogant attitude is okay. It was interesting to hear that Emily’s friends like Doug and Sean the most. I wasn’t surprised about Sean, of course but I was a little surprised about Doug.  As I said before, I liked Doug the first night, but he hasn’t done much to really show Emily that he is interested in her. He seems a little standoffish as well. I think the thing her friends were focusing on with Doug was simply that he has a child and they can relate with that.

Arie’s date to Dollywood was well, perfect! Or pretty close to it! They seem to really connect on an emotional level as well as a physical level. Emily and Arie had their first kiss at Dollywood and that seemed perfect too!
I think Arie is definitely going to be in Emily’s top three. Look out guys!

Lots happened at the cocktail party. I can’t think of another word for Kalon besides disrespectful. Wow! I think my mouth dropped open when he said, “I love it when you talk but I wish you would let me finish.” I’m surprised Emily didn’t send him home after that and his other shenanigans. Hallelujah! Travis finally let go of Shelley! What Alessandro said wasn’t a huge surprise to me. He always seemed to be very free-spirited and definitely not for Emily. He’s a gypsy! It was so sweet when Emily came back into the house and was upset by what happened and Arie was right there to comfort her (and get a couple of kisses in!). Ryan’s reaction to Arie consoling Emily and kissing her was ridiculous. It just shows that he is a very jealous person. It’s about time someone proved that he shouldn’t be as confident as he is! He’s definitely in it to win it. Emily’s time with Sean absolutely melted my heart! You can really tell what a sweet, down to earth guy he is. He has remained the same throughout the show and has been drama free. He and Emily had their first kiss and she looked thrilled. Sean will definitely be in the top three!

Stevie went home which definitely wasn’t a surprise. I mean have they ever talked? Here’s to another week of romance and roses!



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