The Bachelorette: Lucky in London

Off to London! I loved this week’s episode! Emily and the guys were in London where Sean and Jef got their first one-on-one dates. I really enjoyed seeing Emily and Sean’s connection move forward and also to see Jef finally make a move and show Emily his true feelings.

Emily and Sean started their date off by going on a tour of London in the best way possible; a double decker bus! It was so darn cute when they came across Buckingham Palace where William and Kate got married and had their first kiss on the balcony. Sean took charge and kissed Emily with the balcony in the background..So romantic! Dinner looked fabulous! Who wouldn’t want to have dinner with someone special in an old London jail? How mysterious! They jumped right into some serious talk, talking about how many kids they want, and their past. Yayy! Sean got the rose! They ended the night with a kiss outside at the top of the building. Emily mentioned how wonderful her kisses are with Sean and that she sees them getting better and better each time! Aww, he’s every girls dream!

Emily invited the remaining guys on a group date where they would perform a Shakespere play. All of the guys adapted regarding their role in the play, except guess who? Kalon. I mean come on Kalon, be respectful and show Emily that you’re trying at least instead of shooing her away. Jeez! He took his Shakespere part wayyyy too seriously. Although Arie didn’t get his ideal part but he really had a great time with it. He just let loose which Emily said made her fall even more for him. What a cool date..but..It wasn’t over.. They all went to grab beers after and talk which is when Doug made Emily aware that Kalon was not there for the right reasons. He told her some of the things Kalon said about her daughter, Ricki being baggage, and thats when Emily blew up at Kalon. It is about time! She finally cursed him out and sent him on his way back to the US. Good riddance! I think Emily had valid reason to be upset with the guys for not making her aware of this issue with Kalon earlier. It was nice of Doug to bring it up but according to Emily if the other guys (especially Arie) had her back they would have brought it up sooner. I think her talking to the guys about it really made them realize that they better step it up if they want to move forward in this quest for love.

Emily’s date with 1 F Jef was much anticipated for not only Emily, but the viewers too. The last time they were together on the beach, Emily was expecting to share their first kiss but when Jef just hugged her she seemed confused. Does Jef like her and is just not showing it or does he not have any feelings towards her? Valid questions. Well, it does turn out that Jef likes Emily! Their date was very cute. They had an etiquette lesson which they ended up ditching and then they had dinner at the London Eye. It was a very romantic night which Jef topped off with a kiss. Emily looked thrilled! She seems to be really into him.

I was surprised at how much Emily grilled Arie and told him how upset she was with him. I do agree with her that these guys should be supportive of her but he might not have wanted to tattle on the guys, to take part in the drama and for her to accuse him was a little abrasive. Glad Arie took it okay and learned from his mistake! Oh, Sean! Their one on one time at the cocktail party was oh so romantic. Emily definitely likes him A LOT considering she gets butterflies in her heart! Oh my, so cute! You can tell she just loves being around Sean. Alejandro going home was definitely expected. There was no sort of chemistry, let alone connection between them. After all, they only spoke once or twice that we saw on camera the whole time! Looking forward to next week in Croatia! See you all then!



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