Bachelorette in Croatia

Wow, Dubrovnick, Crotia looks like a great city! Emily’s first date was with Travis. I wanted her to have a 1-on-1 date with him just to see if there was a connection. I got my answer! Travis is a great guy, very sweet, but just not right for Emily. Their date was really cute, especially when they were dancing in the street. I knew he would be going home though. It’s too bad he set Shelley (his egg) free!

I loved, loved the group date! Way to show off the guys’ manliness..hot hot hot! Seeing the guys walk out in kilts was just awesome–they looked muy calienteBrave was an awesome movie to take the guys to because it really showed them they have to work for what they want and treat Emily with the utmost respect. Too bad Kalon and Ryan weren’t on the group date..they need a wake up call. I truly felt bad for Chris during the challenges..He tried so hard and seems really physically fit but he just failed at every attempt of winning in the games. No surprise about Sean! Oh man the muscles on him are dayuuuum! He knows he’s fit and hot..and hey! confidence is sexy! It was sweet of Emily to take Chris aside to bring his confidence back up. He definitely needed it! Ya ya, Chris needed the bravery cup but come on, Sean really deserved it! Let’s jump to Arie and Emily’s alone time after the games..Whoa I mean their heat is OFF the charts! Let’s see if any guy can top his moves to get Emily up against a wall and kiss her as passionately as he did this season. I’m thinking no one will but who knows! Come on Emily! Chris got the bravery cup AND the rose? Give someone else a chance! He wasn’t that embarrassed!

Oh, Ryan! Thats all I have to say about their date. Could he dig himself into a deeper hole? Jeez Louise! His disrespect for a woman is unreal. If I were Emily I would have sent him packin’ a long time ago. I mean really Ryan, you are never going to find your trophy wife. You might find one who you think could be a trophy wife but you’re never going to win her over with that attitude! Learn how to treat a woman! I think she is really physically attracted to him but his comments just ruin whatever positive she might be feeling towards him. I’m glad she sent him packing! It was hilarious to see how shocked he was at dinner. That goes to show you how arrogant he is. It didn’t even seem to affect his ego..that’s how cocky he is. He was trying to convince her that she was making a huge mistake and that he really wants someone like her. Well, of course you do Ryan but you’re not going to get any woman with that ‘tude! Bye Ryan!

It was really cute how Arie went to see Emily after she sent Ryan home. Arie definitely learned his lesson after the last episode. Seeing Arie definitely confirmed her feelings, as well as her choice to send Ryan home. I think Arie ran over there for a make out session, what do ya think? No matter where they are they’re going to sneak that in but come on! They didn’t really talk about much! You can tell she really likes him. He will definitely be in the top three!

I loved that Emily runs the show this season. She doesn’t do things exactly by the rules and that makes it seem more real. Her time with the ‘wolf’ really showed her that he’s a genuine guy and she wants to learn more about him..but Doug? I mean he was one of my favorites from night one because he seemed so genuine and caring, and he is good looking, but hello! Put your arm around her, make some sort of contact! Its like he’s afraid to do anything because he might get rejected. You’ve gotta put it out there buddy! So Emily did the right thing and kept all of the guys at the rose ceremony. Good choice! Way to keep the guys on the edge of their seat with that one!

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