Gettin’ Down to the Nitty Gritty in Prague

I think this week was by far my favorite one! Emily’s adventures in Prague started off with the much anticipated date with Arie. She did a pretty good job hiding the fact that she knew something in the beginning of the date. Of course there was a lot of kissing while touring Prague, but Arie didn’t know what he was in for! He should have rubbed that statue 100 times! I knew in the end Emily would forgive him, but of course the show had to thrive on the drama..So, all is well, they made up and Arie comes out with the big guns and says he loves her. Romantic setting, fireworks, and the 3 magic words made Emily a happy, happy girl!

Onto her date with John. Last week she was on the fence about him but was impressed by their talk at the cocktail party so why not? Their date seemed fun and filled with energy but there was something lacking. They weren’t very affectionate with one another either. Their emotional chemistry seemed to be more intense than the physical, and their relationship has definitely moved slower than hers with the other guys. This date definitely gave Emily the insight that she needed.
Okay, I’m now 100% in love with Sean! Aren’t you? Okay, okay Sean didn’t run all over the city of Prague alone with no help from the producers to find Emily, but he still wanted to see her, made the effort, took a chance that the guys could find out, and found her! A+ for Sean! You can tell he has such a sweet, gentlemanly way about him, and heck, we don’t have to mention his hunky body and adorable face. Emily seemed surprised in a good way! Sean wanted more one-on-one time with her and he got it. Thats the way to pursue a woman! Ryan should be taking notes from him! And you know my question from last week? Is there going to be a guy who can challenge Arie to his heavy duty make out session against a wall? Oh yeaaaa! Sean brought it!
Going into the 3-on-1 date, Sean had the edge of course. The only word that comes to mind for this date is AWKWARD. Sean, Doug, and Chris are hanging out at this huge castle in Prague, such a romantic setting, but with 3 guys? Ya, not so much! I was cringing during Emily’s alone time with Doug. All talking and no touching? He apologized for touching her leg? Yikes! Wayy awkward body language! I think Doug is attracted to Emily and thinks she’s pretty of course, but I think he is way too old fashioned and in this scenario, you can’t move that slow. I was cringing even more when he kissed her! Doug! Ahhhh! Poor guy! Chris just frustrated me to no end this week on their date. All he does is complain but does he realize the situation he’s in? He is fighting for one girl with 25 guys (well now 6). You have to SHARE Chris! His immaturity shined through during this date. Of course Sean’s 1-on-1 time was so sweet. He and Emily have such a balance of both emotional and physical chemistry.
Jef’s date was cute. I was never a huge Jef fan but I can see what Emily likes about him. He’s a man and he can take care of her, but he also has an immature, playful side which definitely came out in the marionette shop. Him and Emily can be serious and talk about kids, family, and their future but they can also be silly and act and lie on the floor just laughing and having fun. Thats a great part of a relationship. It’s great that he thinks of Ricky and brings her up on their dates. He really got Emily good when he went back into the shop and bought a marionette for Ricky. What can I say? I think he might be engaged to Emily and playing with Ricky when this is all said and done.
No surprises on sending John home. It was the obvious choice since her relationships are much stronger with the other four guys. Ready for hometowns? I am! Hometowns are by far my favorite part of the show because you get to see what the guys families are like and how they interact with them, and more importantly, how Emily can fit in. Until next time..

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