Since one of my passions is to cook, I love checking out new kitchen gadgets. My favorite brand for kitchen supplies is OXO. Everything is made so well and lasts for such a long time. You can really tell everything is high quality. My favorite OXO products are the Melon Baller, the Lemon Zester, the … Continue reading

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Finale Predictions Are In!

I can’t believe this season is coming to an end already! It did seem longer than others but it has been such a good season..and besides that, who else’s fashion are we going to obsess over now? Bummer! Let’s get down to the final two guys, Arie and Jef. Photo courtesy of Wetpaint Arie seems like … Continue reading

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The Men Tell All: Arrogance, Baggage, & Drama

The thing I was most looking forward to on the much anticipated, Men Tell All this week was Emily confronting Kalon and Ryan. I was also so excited to see Sean! Emily has been such a breath of fresh air this season on The Bachelorette; she doesn’t take anything from the guys. She didn’t hold back one bit letting Kalon … Continue reading