The Bachelorette: Home is Where the Heart is!

I love hometown dates! I feel like we got jipped this season with hometowns. Is it just me or did you guys think they were shorter too? Typically they spend a little more time together first or after alone (without the families) and their time with the families is usually longer. I especially thought Sean’s hometown was cut way too short. What a bummer!


Emily went to Chicago first to meet Chris’ family. I was barely watching and paying attention to this date. Can you say boring? Oh my! Chris has always seemed awkward to me from the beginning but it was so strange watching him and Emily at the bar. All he did was complain and apologize for how he acted the week before on the 3 on 1 date. Hello Chris! You have one day to spend with Emily! Complaining about how you acted and talking about the past is a waste of time. Focus on the future! It was like their date together before the family time was a complete waste (although the viewers don’t see half of what goes on the whole day). His family was nice but I just didn’t see Emily fitting in. She seemed detached from them the whole night. I did think it was hilarious when Chris’ mom was telling him to let Emily know how he feels and said to “kick ass”. You go mom! Chris took mom’s advice and told Emily that he loves her. He knew he had to pour his heart out there or he’d be in trouble. It was cute when the whole family was dancing with Emily. I was just so disinterested in the whole date and imagine that Emily wasn’t feeling it either.


What can I say! I haven’t been a Jef fan all season but this date he planned was pretty cute. He is the only one that actually planned a cute thing to do that showed Emily a skill of his and he got to see something she was pretty proud to show off. As it turns out they’re both really good with guns. A good thing? Guess they can go skeet shooting for fun as a hobby, but definitely not an every day thing. It’s nice that her and Jef found out that they have a common interest like that! It also gave Jef a chance to be physical with her and show her how to hold the gun (even though she looked like a pro doing it!). Her and Jef have that strong bond but they can also be immature and act like kids together which I think is the most important quality to have in a relationship. Who wants to be serious all the time? Jef’s family was a little bit overwhelming. Poor Emily! Although his parents weren’t there, she did get to see Jefs brothers and sisters and their spouses and children. It gave her a really good look into Jef’s life and him as a person. I could see Emily fitting in with his family, especially Ricky fitting in with all of his nieces and nephews. Emily still has to be careful about his parents because like Jef mentioned, he did break up with an ex girlfriend because his parents didn’t like her. Yikes! Thats a lot of pressure. Hopefully Emily will get to meet them in Curacao before any potential proposal between her and Jef would take place. The letter that Jef wrote her and read up on the mountain was very sweet but it definitely seemed rehearsed. I realize its a letter and he wrote it on the plane with a lot of free time on his hands but it sounded like he edited and re-wrote it a million times. It’s better when it’s candid and right from your heart in the moment. Still cute though.


I already knew what we were going to see a lot of on Arie’s hometown. I’m sure you all know too! Lots and lots of kissing. Emily and Arie have such a passionate relationship so this hometown was important to see if Emily could fit into Arie’s family and vice versa. It was a really cute idea of Arie’s to have Emily come to the race track to see him in gear and racing. I’m sure it brought back a lot of memories from her previous relationship and experiences. You could tell Emily just wanted him to stop driving and get out so they could hug and kiss! I think their alone time by the lake was lacking an emotional connection. Emily didn’t find out much about what Arie does on a daily basis — thats part of figuring out if they would fit, especially with Ricki. I definitely didn’t picture Arie’s family like that. They seem to be sweet, nice people but really? Talking to each other in Dutch in front of Emily who doesn’t know the language? That was just down right rude! She probably thought they were talking smack about her! Her talk with Arie’s mom was nice and I feel like that was a turning point when she connected with her. Wow! Arie is a passionate guy even with his father..they are all very kissy! Overall, the date went really well and I think it just confirmed Emily’s feelings for Arie, although I don’t know if she could actually picture her and Ricky fitting into Arie’s every day life. We’ll see!


Save the best for last! Sean’s date was adorable! Even though he didn’t plan anything extravagant for their alone time, he showed Emily what his every day life is like by taking his dogs to the park and relaxing on the weekend. I could totally see her and Ricki fitting into Sean’s life. Emily kept harping on the fact that he seems so perfect and must have the perfect family, etc. No one is perfect! I’m sure Sean has his imperfections, as does everyone but you don’t see those. He is so hot, sweet, affectionate, and caring..Who would notice anything bad?! His family was just like I pictured them. Nice looking, warm, caring, and they seem very loving. Sean’s dad would be the perfect father-in-law. He seems so down to earth and caring, which is why he did such a good job raising his son. Sean’s prank on Emily was hilarious! The look on her face screamed pure horror when she walked into his “room”. I think it was probably a mixture of surprise and disgust. It is a turn off for most women when a guy older than 25 lives at home, but his “room” was also dirty! What a great way to show his sense of humor off! Kudos to Sean! Can we just talk about the end of their date? Basically the whole day went perfectly, Sean walked Emily out, kissed, and said goodbye, BUT that wasn’t enough for Sean! He ran after the car, down two blocks, and gave Emily one more kiss. How romantic! I think thats every girls dream. We were all gushing! Even though Sean moves a little slower than the other guys and didn’t say he loves Emily yet, his actions show her that he really cares for her, and I’m sure she knew those words, “I love you” were coming from Sean soon!

No surprise at the rose ceremony! I knew Chris was going home. I really don’t think they had any sort of connection, especially after the way he acted on their last date (the 3-on-1), which really showed his immaturity, but after the hometown date, Emily just didn’t seem to fit in. Her connection with the three other guys is much stronger and has moved quicker than hers and Chris’. Poor Chris! He was so upset and had a hard time leaving without letting Emily know he was upset and mad! He just didn’t get it. All is well I hear with Chris! He is on the Bachelor Pad, which is airing in about three weeks and it looks like he might have found love! I guess everything does happen for a reason!

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