The Bachelorette: Fantasy Dates

I love the week of overnight dates almost as much as hometowns. This finally gives the couples a chance to spend an entire day together alone, and if both agree they can spend the night together. We really get to see more of their connection, or lack thereof on these dates.

Emily’s date with Sean was not what I was expecting..At all! I always thought their connection was true and the emotion, as well as the physical connection was there. Their date proved me wrong. First of all, when they were sitting on the beach talking it was very awkward. Emily was kind of grilling him about his past relationships and whether Sean doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it on camera or he just doesn’t want to open up that much is his choice, but there were a lot of awkward silences! Saved by the scuba diving! Emily was waiting for Sean to open up and we all knew it was coming at dinner..But it was too late. Poor Sean! The letter he wrote to Ricki was so sweet. It melted my heart, along with every other girl. Emily’s choice to give Sean the fantasy date card was awesome but then to not stay together? I mean I know Emily is a mother and she wants to set a good example for Ricki but her daughter is going to watch this eventually and see all the kissing she’s doing with every guy so whats the big deal? Oh well! Sean is the most respectful guy Ive seen on the show. At least they got in some hot tub time! The show doesn’t even air half of their date.

Jef’s date seemed fun. Him and Emily always seem to have a good time..a date filled with excitement, passion, emotion, and fun. Thats what it’s all about, right? They seem to have it all. I did like that they actually talked about serious things at dinner to see if they could actually fit into each others lives after the show is over. Kudos to Jef for bringing it up because it really shows that he is interested in her and their potential life together after the show.

We all knew what to expect during Emily and Arie’s date, right? Kissing, kissing, and more kissing. What a perfect location Curacao is for that! Until dinner when they started talking about every day routines, and life after the show I didn’t think they had any chance at being together because you can’t have a relationship just based on physical chemistry. I do think they talked about some important aspects of what life would be like after but I still think they have a lot to learn about each other, their backgrounds, and their every day lives, and how that would affect their potential life together, and blending that with Ricki’s. It was a good choice by Emily not to give Arie the fantasy date card!

I knew she was going to send Sean home. As much as I love him, and every other girl does, I think it was for the best. Sean seems very down to earth and sweet and doesn’t seem to like to rush into things and open up as quickly as the other guys so this process of fighting for one girl might not have been for him. He deserves someone who is truly going to love him for who he is! it was heartbreaking to see him rejected. I’d rather him be rejected then instead of as the final two!

I truly believe that she sends him home because he didn’t reveal his feelings for her as soon as the other guys. Even though both Arie and Jef said that they love her by hometowns and Sean didn’t yet doesn’t mean that they have those true feelings and that Sean doesn’t. He just doesn’t move as fast as them. Most relationships that start off slow and steady last and those that start off fast and are passionate like her and Aries fizzle after a while.

Here’s to Sean being the next Bachelor!!



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