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The Men Tell All: Arrogance, Baggage, & Drama

The thing I was most looking forward to on the much anticipated, Men Tell All this week was Emily confronting Kalon and Ryan. I was also so excited to see Sean! Emily has been such a breath of fresh air this season on The Bachelorette; she doesn’t take anything from the guys. She didn’t hold back one bit letting Kalon go in London and this time wasn’t any different! You go girl! Kalon has a way of avoiding every question that Chris Harrison asked him. He is so arrogant that he doesn’t even see what he says makes no sense and is so rude. Jeez! All he can say is, “I’m flattered that you follow me on twitter?” Seriously, Kalon, learn some respect. Although Ryan is similar to Kalon (hence why they’re good friends), he seems to be a little (just a little!) nicer and more respectful to Emily. He is looking for a mirror image of himself, the perfect “trophy wife” but he didn’t come right out and disrespect her on the show like Kalon did. Yes, Ryan’s comment about not getting fat after they get married was wayyyy out of line, along with his similar comments throughout the show, Kalon just seemed a lot worse. Glad Emily shut Kalon up and put him in his place. He deserves that and will need it from a lot more women he interacts with in his lifetime. Watch out ladies of The Bachelor Pad!

Let’s talk business! Sean looked amazing, of course but more importantly, he is so humble and sweet. He could have come on the show questioning Emily and accusing her of leading him on but he listened to what she had to say and wished her well in her future with whoever she picks. Thats a true gentleman! Although she didn’t pick him, I think it’s for the best. Sean deserves someone who is going to be just as into him and head over heels in love with him as he is into them. Emily and Jef’s connection is very special..One that I truly believe is the ideal relationship. They seem to have a deep emotional connection, have many of the same interests, have a physical connection, and they can act like kids and have a good time. I’m not a big fan of Jef as a person..Simply not his type but to each their own! Whether Jef is her first or second choice, I think they would make a great couple and have a wonderful future together. Can’t wait for the 3 hour finale! Until next time..

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