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Finale Predictions Are In!

I can’t believe this season is coming to an end already! It did seem longer than others but it has been such a good season..and besides that, who else’s fashion are we going to obsess over now? Bummer! Let’s get down to the final two guys, Arie and Jef.

Photo courtesy of Wetpaint

Arie seems like such a great, passionate guy who would love Emily forever, but..Do they have BOTH the emotional and physical connection? Don’t think so. They definitely have the physical chemistry and passion but Emily just found out what he does on a daily basis a couple weeks ago in Curacao. I just don’t think their every day lives match, which would be a problem considering Arie would have to change his to conform to Emily and Ricki’s. Emily knows the racing world and as much as she says it doesn’t bother her and that she loves being around the track and that environment, I think she knows deep down inside how much he would have to travel, and she must have concerns about that. Now thats not to say she’s not in love with him. Emily’s number one goal from all of this is to get married and have more children and I see Arie as being a fabulous father..We might not be seeing their emotional connection for a reason. I wouldn’t put it past the producers to trick us and purposely not show us their other deep conversations, aside from all of the kissing scenes. The show is pretty much predictable every season, so let’s see them throw a surprise ending at us! I have a feeling that Arie MIGHT be Emily’s first choice, but he might turn her down first and decide that they just don’t fit well together. That is just a guess!

Emily and Jef’s connection is special. I wasn’t a fan of 1 F Jef from the beginning but I do think he’s on the show for the right reasons and that he would treat Emily right. I still think he might be too free spirited and young to get married and become a step-father right away. He seems to have had a life of doing whatever he wants with his own business and I’m just not sure he’s ready to give that all up. He does however seem to be in love (infatuated?) with Emily and cares about her a lot. They have that special bond that they can be passionate and intimate and act like kids (think of their marionette date), while still being serious and talking about their future. Now that’s a special relationship. Who wants to be serious all the time? Everyone wants to laugh together and have their immature, inner child come out when they’re with their significant other. Emily and Jef share that and that’s why I think they end up together and are still engaged to this day! Now, whether Jef is Emily’s first or second choice tonight is another story and we will have to wait and see, but I think their connection will last!

I don’t think there’s going to be any big surprise or anything on After The Final Rose but I do think Emily and her fiancé are going to announce their wedding plans! I don’t think she would be pregnant yet, but who knows! She seems to be in a big rush for more kids..Watch out fiancé! Hopefully the wedding will be televised as an ABC Bachelorette special!

Hopefully Sean will be the next Bachelor and we can look forward to that after tonight!

Here’s to a great night of TV!



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