Emily and Jef: Happy Ever After

Photo from: US Weekly http://www.usmagazine.com

So sad to see The Bachelorette come to an end! It was a great season with great guys but I could see Jef was the one a while back. It was obvious to many. Their relationship started off slow and steady and they grew to become best friends. As you all knew from my previous posts, I wasn’t a fan of 1 F Jef in the beginning. I changed my mind about him during his hometown date. He was so sweet and romantic with Emily and their relationship really started to blossom.

Did Chris Harrison really say this is the most controversial finale ever? I mean I know they say that every season but come on! What was so controversial about this finale? Ali did the same thing with Chris on her finale where she sent him home early and Roberto was the only one there on the final day. What is so different about this season? I thought both dates with her family went well BUT you have to admit Arie’s was a little awkward in the beginning. When Jef walked in it seemed much more natural. Poor Arie! He had to talk and talk and talk until he broke the ice! What a sweet gift the roses were too! It was nice that he would give them away instead of keeping them as a sentiment to him and his experience on the show and with Emily. He seems very selfless. Emily’s mom really seemed to ilke Arie, I think the most out of his entire family.

I knew something was a little off on the timing of the finale. When Jef’s date on the beach was taking up a lot of time and they aired a lot of the time they spent with Ricki back at the house, I was wondering if she was going to skip over Arie’s date. Poor Arie! He was probably shocked! I don’t think Emily should have done anything with him on that date. He was all excited for his love potion that he made her and she’s smelling it and smiling (because who can’t when you’re around Arie?!?! and then she tells him? I was a little surprised at his reaction. Although I knew he was going to be surprised and upset, I thought he would have at least been nice and understanding towards her. You could tell how pissed he was walking way ahead of her towards the limo! I did feel bad for him. How could he react in a decent way when he had no idea it was coming? All in all it wasn’t an awful goodbye but it was still heartbreaking and sad to see him go like that. It was nice of Emily to save him the embarrassment of proposing or coming to the final rose ceremony, just like Ali did on her season.

Jef was really good with Ricki. He played it cool, and acted like Emily’s friend and nothing more which made Ricki even more comfortable. You could see she was a bit hesitant and shy but what six year old wouldn’t? She seemed to take to Jef really quickly..Good for Emily! That sealed the deal! I think Arie would have been great with her as well, but she made the right decision not to continue on, have a date with Arie, and especially not to introduce him to Ricki if she was sure about Jef. It would only confuse Ricki even more.

During the last part of their date I could totally see the real connection between Emily and Jef. It is true. I think they have the ideal relationship that everyone looks for. They can be playful, serious, and intimate. What a combination! You could just see when Emily was looking through the book on Curacao and laughing at his drawings, she was totally comfortable and content just being on the couch with him, not doing anything fancy. It was just the two of them hanging out having the best time which is exactly what an ideal relationship should be like. I’m sure Jef was anxious to add Ricki into the mix and have an instant family.

I thought that the final rose ceremony was going to be more over the top. In previous seasons the settings were fancier, whether they were on the beach, overlooking mountains, or at the mansion but I was really surprised at Emily’s. I figured since she had the most expensive season and the biggest budget when it came to her wardrobe, the setting for the proposal would have been nicer. It was very simple which was nice..Just surprising! I was a little disappointed with After the Final Rose! I mean come on! Couldn’t they add just a little twist or surprise? Oh well! I thought this season was great and the guys seemed to get along better this time around than previous seasons. Jef has expressed his desire to have Arie in his wedding party..Can you say awkward? Whatever suits them! Hopefully the wedding will be televised!

I truly think Emily found her soulmate! Hopefully it’ll work. Congratulations to Emily and Jef! <3 <3



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