Bachelorette Fashion Frenzy!

While Emily and Jef fell in love this season, we all fell in love with Emily’s clothes from The Bachelorette. We got a glimpse of Emily’s fabulous taste when she was fighting for and eventually won the heart of Brad Womack, but her wardrobe on this season was every girl’s dream. Well, that is if fashion is your passion too! We never saw Emily dressed down and not looking her best.

“We had an enormous clothing budget,” said Emily’s stylist Cary Fetman revealed. “It was bigger than any previous season — and we still went over!” Even if Emily was dressed somewhat casual like on her group date with the guys at the playground and her and Arie’s date at Dollywood, each outfit was still very costly. Some of the brands Emily was seen wearing on the show include All Saints, Alice & Olivia, Joie, Louboutins, Haute Hippie, Randi Rahm, and many more.

So, how much do you think the wardrobe budget was this season? A whopping $350,000!  That might sound like a lot but not for this fashionista! They STILL went over budget. This has been the most expensive season yet, in regards to the bachelor/bachelorettes wardrobe. Emily’s fabulous fashion style doesn’t come cheap! Watch out Jef! I do think there’s one contender who could spend more on their wardrobe than Emily..Can you guess who? Yup! You guessed it! Kalon. Not like he would ever be the bachelor but come on dude..You’re not Scott Disick! He probably spends more time picking out his clothes and getting ready than Emily or any girl. Scott has a reason to dress to impress. Kalon doesn’t. He should spend his money on helicopter fuel haha!

Fashionista and previous Bachelorette, Jillian Harris said she wasn’t a fan of Emily’s wardrobe on this season. Jillian showed off her awesome wardrobe and trendy style during her season. She was real about it. She wore outfits that went with the specific date. She didn’t wear heels when they were going in a helicopter. She wore sneakers with a cute, athletic outfit when her and Kiptyn completed an obstacle course. Jillian showed off her fashion sense, but didn’t go over the top. I particularly loved her fashion, and I love most of Emily’s fashion. I just think she looked too perfect in some instances. In my opinion guys want to see your real every day fashion versus what you would wear to a ball gown (that’s not reality!). Check out Jillian’s blog for her thoughts on Emily’s style this season and what she would have done different: Jillian Harris
Do you want to know what Emily wore? Dana Weiss’ blog, Possessionista is your one stop shopping destination to find all of Emily’s outfits and jewelry that were seen on the show. There you can also find more fashion that has been seen on other reality shows. We all watch TV and think ‘Oh we’d love to know what brand that is or where she got that!’ so Dana is your answer! Follow her on twitter to @possessionista.


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