Bachelor Pad

I’m not as into Bachelor Pad as previous seasons probably because of the fans but I definitely have some favorites. Rachel and Michael seem to be the most down to earth, genuine people on the show. And who wouldn’t agree that they are super cute together? I really hope they stay together during and after the show! Michael has always been one of my favorites just the way he carries himself. He is so likable and accepted by everyone in the house, which makes it easier for him to be a strong contestant and potentially win the money. I was so upset when he was sent home after home town dates on Jillian’s season of The Bachelorette and I really hope he finds true love and wins the money. He deserves it! Go Michael!

I really like Lindzi too but come on, Kalon? Maybe Lindzi typically goes for the bad guy who treats women with no respect, but she seems to have herself together and knows what she wants so why give Kalon the right time of day? He is the classic narcissist who tells people what they want to hear just for him to get farther in the game. Watch out Lindzi!

Okay, lets talk about who I don’t like (besides Kalon)! Ha! Chris got on my nerves on The Bachelorette and he is still getting on my nerves now. He is such a hypocrite! Let’s see..We saw “mature” Chris fighting for Emily’s love last season and now we see immature Chris. Let’s see, which one is the real Chris? Hello! It’s the immature Chris. He is so immature, we obviously know he was putting on an act around Emily, trying to fit the bill to become a potential wife and stepfather to her daughter. Good call Emily, he was totally WRONG! He is far from ready to get married and to make a commitment. He can’t even decide what girl he wants to have as his partner on the show, let alone who he wants to hook up with next. Well, I mean he is so popular and good looking that hey, “it’s like buying a new car..you get the nice new car smell.” He’s not even that good looking. Chris is the ultimate player..in the game..and with girls. Everyone would be better off getting him and Kalon out of the house ASAP!

I’m not a fan of Jaclyn, Jamie, and Blakeley, and Ed either. I never really liked Ed from the beginning when he was on Jillian’s season. I didn’t think he was ready to settle down and I definitely wanted her to choose Reid or Kiptyn instead but I guess Jillian figured out who the real Ed was and didn’t like what she saw. I would have rather had Reid stay longer than Ed but oh well! Ed is definitely more of a strategic player than Reid and I see him staying, probably until the end. My guess is that the last two couples are Ed and Jacqueline and Michael and Rachel. Team Rachel and Michael!

Can’t wait to see what happens tonight..


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