Week in Review! :)

Where has this week gone? It went by soooo fast! Maybe it’s because I caught some rays, cooked up some of my favorite recipes, and had a spa day :) Sounds about right! These kind of weeks don’t come very often so live it up when you have em’!

I love going to the beach, but I especially love to get there really early in the morning and stay really late (or until the beach closes!) TRANQUILITY! <3
Love catching up with great friends! It was a daiquiri night! :)

I made one of my favorite dishes this week and it was oh so good! I usually grill out most of the summer and stay away from using the stove or the oven on hot days but I had to make this turkey sausage and peppers dish. It has your protein (turkey sausage), your carbs (pasta – you can use whole grain if you’d like), and tons of vegetables. It has a nice kick to it from the red pepper flakes (you can leave those out if you’re not into spice). You can find the recipe on the “food” tab of my blog. Don’t forget to leave comments and let me know how yours turns out! Happy cooking!


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