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Bachelor Pad Betrayals

So last night was the finale of Bachelor Pad. I was all ready to see the much anticipated “most shocking, most disturbing” finale of all time, according to Chris Harrison, but wait, when is it ever the most dramatic season finale? I mean it’s only the third season of BP and in the first two, the winners shared the money. What is so dramatic? We, the fans have become so accustom to hearing those words from Chris that we just don’t take them seriously anymore. Sorry Chris! I was anticipating a lot of trash talking, crying, wardrobe mistakes, love stories, a surprise proposal, AND two people splitting $250,000. Was I wrong, and more importantly, Chris was RIGHT! Well, I was partially wrong. There was plenty of trash talking, crying, wardrobe wow’s, love stories, and yes, even a surprise proposal BUT the shocker came when Nick chose to keep the $250 K and leave Rachel with nothing. Who would ever think the underdog, the guy who no one ever noticed was in the house would win AND be so selfish enough to keep the money? Let’s discuss..

We all know who the audience doesn’t like. You could hear a pin drop when Chris Harrison introduced the twins and Jamie. Sorry girls! The people that did clap for them just felt bad..Pity party!

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First off, I was completely shocked at what happened with Rachel and Michael. Am I the only one that is sad to see them not together? So sad! Well, sad but not surprised. Let’s admit it, guys can be jerks. Who wouldn’t agree with that statement? I’m sure every girl would. There are obviously two sides to every story, including Rachel and Michael’s breakup but the way that Rachel described it, it seems that Michael is at fault. I have always liked Michael and thought he was a standup guy from both the Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad but now I think he’s just like all the other guys. He definitely led Rachel on. He can admit to Erica that he wouldn’t date her in reality, off the show but he loves making out with her and holding her? He betrayed her, its that simple. Their on screen relationship was so cute, blossoming into something I thought would last after the show. Guess not! Rachel confronted Michael, calling him a “f****** schmuck”. You go girl! Stand up for yourself!

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Let’s talk about Jamie for a second. Was she trying to make some sort of a statement with that outfit? Yes, head wraps are in and gold is in, but those face jewels? And those earrings? Each earring looked like it weighed two pounds. They made more noise than the audience cheering. OMG! Her attempt to look like cleopatra was just not all! I mean considering she got no applause whatsoever when Chris introduced her, she had to do something to get attention..Negative attention that is! Yikes. Hopefully she doesn’t go out in public like that..Unless she’s in the wilderness.

From failed relationships to ones that work, Blakely and Tony came out of nowhere. Like when did their relationship go from friendship to more? They look cute together and as happy as they look, I just pictured Tony with someone, dare I say, classier than Blakely? She might be nice and have a good heart, but she is trashy. Now Chris Harrison introduces her as a masseuse? So Hooters waitress turned masseuse? Hmm, Im pretty sure thats the same thing! I would think he would want to be with someone who would be a good role model for his son but who knows, you have to be in love and if they’re in love thats great! Is there a tradition now to get engaged on the finale? Last season it was Blake and Holly and now its Blakely and Tony. Hmmmm, who will it be next?

There was no question, Rachel and Nick were going to win. Between them and Chris/Sarah, R&N are more liked.   When R&N got the most votes and in fact, did win the game, I thought well of course, the logical and NICE thing to do in a partnership like that would be to share the money, no? Maybe I’m just too nice. I had my doubts about Nick. He was never involved in the drama, went unnoticed, and seemed very unpredictable. As soon as Rachel held up her “share” sign, Nick had a huge grin on his face. I thought that was a nice grin. Oh was I wrong..It was a greedy grin. He knew at that time that since Rachel chose to share the money and he chose to keep it, he would be getting all of it. On a previous episode, Nick said, “Bachelor Pad is, who is the best snake.” He got that right. Congrats Nick, you got the best snake award!

Some people might commend Nick, like Chris but whoever does, is most likely a narcissist like him. Chris is also unempathetic, who most likely would have chosen to keep the money if him and his partner won. Here’s a question.. If Rachel was not sitting next to Nick last night, would the housemates really have voted for him? I doubt it. In previous episodes, most everyone showed their dislike for Nick. The best thing that happened to him was being paired with Rachel when Michael left. If he wasn’t, he would have been voted off because all competitions were done in partners. How can he say he did it himself? The only thing he did by himself was remain under the radar and he stayed out of the drama, aka to not be a threat and voted off. Rachel deserves to win more than anyone. She remained faithful and loyal..Until she was partnered with Nick. He was in it for himself the whole time which is why he pushed to send Jaclyn and Ed home. He knew if they went home and he was competing against Chris and Sarah, he would win, no question. He could care less about Rachel, her fate, well-being, and friendship with Jaclyn. What a slap in the face! There is a reason no one liked him..

Who would like to see Rachel as the next Bachelorette? What were your thoughts on the BP finale?


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