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Manicure Monday

I love the fall, mostly because of fall nail colors. I’m in love with the hottest fall rage, oxblood. Who isn’t? There are so many choices when picking out a color for my manicure..it is seriously OVERWHELMING! I might just have to get them done every week this month to try out all the different shades. I’m a big fan of OPI but will occasionally go with Essie. I usually stick to those two brands because that’s what the salon has. These colors are on my to-do list this month:

I just did this color and love it! ‘William Tell Them About OPI” 
‘Lincoln Park After Dark’
‘Casino Royale’
I love the dark, oxblood colors but sometimes I like to lighten up the mood and use a lighter color.
‘Velvet Voyage’
I love this Essie color! It’s chocolate meets amethyst
Gold is always a great fall color but this just looks fab & chic for a classy night out or a night time event.

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