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‘Bachelor’ Bombshells

Ashley & J.P.
Source: Wetpaint

The Bachelor is going on it’s 17th season and there are more ‘Bachelor’ bombshells now than ever! For starters, former bachelorette, Ashley Hebert is engaged to JP. Ashley began by being one of the favorites to capture Brad Womack’s heart on the 15th season of ‘The Bachelor’. When that romance did not last after the show, Ashley got her second chance at finding a husband on the 7th season of ‘The Bachelorette’. Ashley and JP’s wedding will be televised on December 16th at 9:00 on ABC. This will be the third ‘Bachelor’ wedding, behind Trista & Ryan and Jason & Molly.

Jason & Molly
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Other exciting news.. Jason & Molly are expecting their first child together. Jason has a son, Ty from a previous marriage. If you all remember correctly, Jason and Molly didn’t have an easy road after the show ended without the drama..but could it have been “the MOST dramatic season”? Well, I’ll leave that up to you to decide. Just as a reminder.. Jason chose Melissa Rycroft to be his wife at the end of his journey on the show, but much to the viewer’s surprise (or not?), Jason shocked Melissa on the ‘After the Final Rose’ show and told her that he didn’t see their relationship working out..and then came the even bigger surprise..Jason told Molly she is the girl for him and that he made a big mistake. It was probably the most controversial, surprise ending (yet Chris Harrison continues to say each season is the most controversial or shocking). All is okay now! Melissa is happily married with a child, and currently starring in the All Star season of Dancing with the Stars, her second time around. Jason and Molly look very happy, despite all the criticism and skepticism they received when they got back together after Jason dumped Melissa on national television.

Arie & Courtney cuddle on their second date.
Source: Wetpaint

Remember the most dramatic season finale when Ben chose the unfriendly, argumentative Courtney over sweet, down to earth Lindzi? ‘Bachelor’ viewers, including me were SHOCKED. Courtney was the black sheep of the house, separating herself from the other girls, and her claim to fame statement, ‘winning’ when she was asked how she felt about Ben. Courtney appeared to only be on the show for the purpose of ‘winning’ and getting the media exposure. I know I was stunned when their relationship after the show lasted a good year. I was waiting to see the headline, “‘Bachelor’ Ben & Courtney split”. Well, that time has come! They split about a month ago, surprise, surprise and the most interesting part about it..Can anyone take a guess? Courtney moved on pretty quick..with..none other than Emily Maynard’s runner up, Ari Luyendyk Jr. But wait, there’s more.

Source: US Weekly

October was a month of break-ups for Bachelor couples. Around the same time of Ben and Courtney’s split, Emily Maynard broke it off with fiancé Jef Holm. Out of all the Bachelor/Bachelorette couples, I had the highest hopes for Emily and Jef. I never really cared for 1 f Jef until the last two episodes of the show when he showed his more vulnerable side to Emily, professing his love for her and then seeing her fall in love with him, and introducing him to her daughter, Ricki. She was so sure of this decision, to choose Jef that she sent Ari home on their last date, before the final rose ceremony. Don’t forget, that, according to Chris Harrison this was the most shocking and controversial season finales ever (along with every other season, lol). America fell in love with ‘Jemily’. They looked ecstatic on After the Final Rose and their future looked bright. Maybe it’s just me but I think Emily should have chosen Arie. Not only did they have an intense physical connection, he also was very supportive of her and Ricki. Arie, 31 does have a very busy lifestyle as a race car driver (which Emily is very familiar with because her ex fiancé was in the industry as well) but he did seem that he was ready to settle down for the right girl. Jef, 28, on the other hand, is in the beginning stages of marketing his company, People Water, which potentially made him too busy and consumed for Emily and Ricki. I never thought ‘Jemily’ would work out because of his high energy and young at heart attitude. He seemed like the life of the party when Emily was a mother, ready to settle down and have more children. Two people at two different places in life. This finally became apparent when they decided to part ways, despite the cheating rumors that plagued the couple in the summer during a family vacation with Jef’s family. Despite the recent rumors that Emily is now dating Nascar driver, Jason White, she has denied the rumors, stating she is still single. Her and Jef’s break up seemed amicable. So sad for Ricki, who went along with her mother on part of the Bachelorette journey to find a guy that would serve as both Emily’s husband and Ricki’s father. With Emily’s “thing” for race car drivers, do you think she should have chosen Arie? Share your thoughts with us here!


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