Holiday Decorating at it’s Best

I love decorating whether it’s for the holidays or a new apartment/house. A room can have a whole new feel and environment based on how it’s decorated. Who doesn’t want a bedroom that is light, airy, smells good, and looks nice? We all do, especially us girls! My favorite season to decorate is fall. There are so many options. Right now, I’m loving simple golds, brown, and beiges to decorate during Thanksgiving and Hanukkah/Christmas. I LOVE using pinecones. They are cheap and give off such a great cinnamon aroma. I went to Michael’s and was so thrilled to see huge bags of pinecones that smelled AMAZING on clearance for $1.49! What a steal! Each bag had a plethora of sizes. I don’t like when the pinecones look exactly alike..they should all be a little different,,thats what makes them unique and look great as a centerpiece or a holiday decoration. As you can see from a previous post, I got some gold spray paint and got my DIY on! The pinecones came out looking fab and the best part is, it was a cheap and easy way to decorate. I really wanted them to pair with some candles and other holiday decorations for my room but I was nice enough to lend it to my family during the holiday! What a great centerpiece it made! I added another great centerpiece to the pinecones and all together it looked fabulous and exactly for the holiday. Happy decorating!

I bought a small bag of potpourri (mostly gold tones) with greens and put about four or five pieces under the wine glass. It’s the perfect amount of color and green that picks up the gold and feel of the pinecones. You can put more or less depending on the size of the glass you use.


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