Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Prediction

Photo: rickey.org

This has been my all-time favorite season of DWTS, by far. It is the all-star season after all! So as a ‘Bachelor’ fanatic, I love Melissa Rycroft and think she is the most deserving of the mirrorball trophy.  Her and Tony have worked so hard season 8 and the all star season and have overcome many injuries to get this far. Despite that, I think Shawn and Derek will come out on top and win.

Photo: justjaredjr.com

Why? I think Shawn has the biggest following on DWTS. The young viewers can relate to her and really look up to her because of her olympic experience, etc. Derek is a fan favorite of DWTS too. To be completely honest, where did Kelly come from?

Okay, okay, I know she was season one’s winner but come on, she isn’t THAT good. She seems like the odd one out but at the same time, I thought for the last three weeks that she should go home but the viewers kept her in so who knows, she could surprise everyone (or maybe just me!) and take the trophy. What do y’all think? Who’s team are you on? Did you vote? I called, texted, voted at ABC.com, and on Facebook for Melissa & Tony and I hope it pays off!

I think the viewers have done the show right and given the best stars a chance at the mirrorball again (But Melissa deserves it for the first time!). Let’s see if the viewers choose the right winner tonight. DWTS is ending which means the month of December is going to be a tad boring for TV. It’s a good thing I like football! I’m still counting down the days until ‘The Bachelor’ with the GORGEOUS Sean Lowe. Let’s go Melissa and Tony!

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