Dancing with the Stars

The REAL DWTS All Stars Champions: MELISSA & TONY!

Photo: people.com

They all had their eyes on that BLINGED out mirrorball trophy. I mean, who wouldn’t? The finalists of Dancing with the Stars, Melissa Rycroft, Shawn Johnson, and Kelly Monaco all fought hard to be there but only one was going to be crowned the winner of DWTS All Star season. I was pulling and hoping that Melissa would come out on top for two reasons. One, she was paired with Tony during season 8 and while they were the runner-ups, they fought hard that season with Melissa’s injury to her ribs and two, Melissa didn’t try to change the rules, add her talent into her routine, she just danced. It’s called Dancing with the Stars for a reason, right? It’s not gymnastics with the stars. A great competitor and dancer, Shawn put gymnastics into her dance routines as much as she could, whether it was to show her strength (but wait, she’s a great dancer) or just because she wanted to and didn’t follow all the rules. Melissa didn’t feel like she had to dazzle the audience by including an over abundance of lifts and tricks in her routines..She just danced..Simple!

Photo: realitynation.com

I was a little confused why Kelly was in the finals because I don’t think she was a fabulous dancer, or at the same level as Melissa and Shawn, but it also seemed like the viewers were just keeping her in for her and Val’s budding romance over the weeks of the show. They still, to this day, deny the rumors and the evidence that they’re dating. We all have eyes, Kelly and Val! We all see your passion, romance, and chemistry on and off the dance floor so come on! Just admit it! I think in the next couple of weeks they’ll come out and announce that they are dating and it’ll be all over the tabloids..We just have to wait until all the press from DWTS is over. Kelly & Val seemed to have a lot of fans but I have to wonder if it’s because they fell in love with their love story and romance or because she is a good dancer. Hmmmm I’ve got to go with the romance!

Social media has REALLY changed the show (or any reality show that the audience has an impact on). Fans make accounts for their favorite stars and couple, while trying to get a large following to vote for them and this season, voting was available through Facebook. I’m sure in the next couple of seasons voting will be available on Twitter as well. It’s great how interactive the stars and pros can be on social media with their fans, showing them their love and gratitude. I know Melissa has responded to one of my tweets but they obviously cannot respond to everyone who reaches out to them on Twitter and Facebook, but I know they do try. It makes us, the viewers want to vote for them even more and show our love and support for them when they interact and show an effort as well. The show has evolved over fourteen seasons and it’s become a sensational, powerhouse that has engaged and built such a great following. It’s up for a ‘People’s Choice Award’ so don’t forget to vote here: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/vote/


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