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Wardrobe Wednesday

Ever since making the big mistake of going to the mall during holiday shopping time, I have been doing most of my shopping online. I’m loving my Wednesday wardrobe! So we all love jeans, right? They’re cas and comfortable and I know, I often want to wear jeans to work every day. Printed jeans are the answer, ladies! Trust me, if you haven’t invested in these yet, go out and buy a couple of pairs and you’ll be in love. These are by Joe’s and I love how subtle, yet chic they are. They are comfortable and casual but they can be easily dressed up for work. I paired these with a simple black sweater (the cut out back of the one below gives the outfit a more detailed, dressy look), a scarf, and moto boots. If you have a dressier get together, you can go with a dressier pair of printed jeans, like the gold and black ones here.

Joe's Jeans - Baroque Printed Skinny$198.00

Joe’s Jeans – Baroque Printed Skinny


Vintage Havana Sweater – Slashed Back


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