holiday wish list

What’s on YOUR holiday wish list?

I will continue to share what’s on my fashion wish list for the holidays, but now I want to hear what’s on yours! I love giving gifts, definitely more than receiving but it’s always so difficult to pick out just one special gift for a special someone, right? Now I know why our parents asked for a Hanukkah wish list when we were is so much easier! But lets admit it, we aren’t just going to settle for something small around the holidays. Whatever holiday it might be, it’s a time to get the ones you love something that they REALLY want. Of course, it shouldn’t break the bank but it should show how much you love and care about them and understanding what they really like and want.Holiday_Wish_List So, now it’s your turn! Let me hear what’s on your holiday wish list! It can be clothes, shoes, accessories, technology products, home accessories, sports gear, or anything else I left out. Please tweet or DM me with your holiday must-haves!


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