The Bachelor

THE ‘Bachelor’ is Back!

In just 26 days, Monday night’s will be considered ‘must-watch’ TV. The 17th season of ‘The Bachelor” premieres in just a few weeks on January 7th.

New 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe

New ‘Bachelor’ Sean Lowe

I know, I CAN’T WAIT! First off, I am in love with Sean. He won my heart fighting for Emily’s love on last season’s “Bachelorette”. It was so heartbreaking to watch but we all know Sean will not struggle to meet the right girl. Bummer for all of us ladies who want him all to ourselves!

If you don’t already know, I am a big fan of the ‘Bachelor/Bachelorette’ series. I have been watching since the first season and have not missed one! I’d call it a sick addiction that I keep going back for more. Who’s with me? I can’t even pick a favorite season because they are all so entertaining in their own way. BUT my favorite couple is Ashley and JP. They were married a couple of weeks ago and the wedding special will premiere this Sunday, December 16th. They were the 2nd couple who tied the knot from the show, well 3rd if you include Jason and Molly, who got back together during ‘After the Final Rose’ on national television, also at Melissa Rycroft’s expense. In case you need me to refresh your memory, Jason picked Melissa, who he seemed to be head over heels for, but when he sent Molly packing she told him he’s making a HUGE mistake. Well, Molly turned out to be right. On ‘After the Final Rose’, Jason broke the news to Melissa that he wanted to break up and that he still had feelings for Molly. Melissa was shocked and embarrassed. Wouldn’t you be if you were broken up with on NATIONAL TV? I think I would be! Jason told Molly just a few minutes after Melissa left the stage that he still had feelings for her and wanted to see where things could go. She was shocked and skeptical at first but agreed to dating in the real world and taking things slow. Jason must have been crazy about Molly to have done that because they received much criticism and skepticism from fans and tabloids around the world. It’s apparent that they were strong enough as a couple to withhold the criticism because they have been together ever since and are now expecting their first child together (Jason has a son from a previous marriage, Tye). Funny that Melissa married a guy named Tye and they have a child. It all turned out well for everyone on the ‘most controversial season ever’! So, how can this show get any more controversial? Lets see, Jason dumped Melissa on national television, and chose his second choice, Ali broke the rules and sent Chris home before the final rose ceremony, Emily followed in her footsteps by sending Arie home before the final rose ceremony, and Ben Flajnik shocked the viewers by choosing the odd girl out, Courtney. Well, now Courtney is with Arie (Emily’s runner-up) and Emily is now single. I think it’s safe to say that every season is ‘the most controversial season’! Oh wait, OR ‘the most shocking rose ceremony EVER!’.

Sean is like the perfect guy. Successful, independent, good with kids, close with his family, has good values, is religious, old-fashioned, and gorgeous. Wait, did I say GORGEOUS? Just take a look at those abs!

EXCLUSIVE: 'Bachelorette' contestant Sean Lowe strikes a pose in modelling photos from 2010


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