Pray for Newtown

Yesterday was a very sorrow day, not only for the state of CT but the United States. I cannot even begin to imagine how horrific and tragic this crime is, and will never understand what the families and friends are going through who lost their loves ones. I realize that there has been gruesome, disturbing crimes like this whether they are at schools, shopping malls, street corners, or movie theaters, but this to me, was an unspeakable, heinous crime that took the lives of 20 5-9 year olds. I mean innocent children who were minding their own business at school trying to learn, while getting excited for the weekend and holidays. Just awful. Details aside, what these families and friends are going through is so awful, it just doesn’t seem right to be excited for the holidays, whether it’s Hanukkah now, or Christmas next week. Some families will be celebrating without the ones they love, those innocent children, or the teachers and administrators who did their best to shield or save the children and c0-workers.

Being that I am from CT, I never thought something like this would happen in this quiet state. Although I am not near Newtown, I am familiar with the area and know that it is an affluent, upscale, beautiful, tight-knit community, which makes it seem like nothing like this would ever happen there. I was just shocked. It makes you realize that you, your children, your friends or family are not safe anywhere. If your children cannot be safe at school learning, where can they be safe? This is not a time to talk about school security or gun laws, but something HAS to be done IMMEDIATELY.


So whether you are celebrating the last night of Hanukkah tonight, shopping for the holidays, decorating your home, or getting ready for Christmas, please keep those in need in your thoughts and pray for them. A terrible tragedy that no one could have imagined took the lives of innocent children, who were just beginning their lives, and the admirable adults in the school who everyone praised for their efforts.


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