The Bachelorette: Ashley & JP’s Wedding

Last night Bachelor Nation got to witness the cutest couple ever, Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum tie the knot. Ashley & J.P. fell in love on season 7 of The Bachelorette. For those of you who aren’t Bachelor/ette superfans like me, aka obsessed with the show, this was the third Bachelor/ette wedding. Trista and Ryan were first, followed by Jason and Molly years later. Well, Jason didn’t officially choose Molly, but when he dumped Melissa (his first choice) and asked Molly for a second chance on After the Final Rose, she accepted. They are now expecting their first child together. There were so many things I loved about Ashley & JP’s special day. I mean first of all, they are the cutest couple ever and who wouldn’t be envious of their relationship? I think it’s safe to say every girl wants what they have. ashley-hebert-2-300

I mean let’s face it, they met on a television show. Ashley & JP come from two different places and cultures and without the show, they would have never crossed paths (well, probably not!). Can we just talk about how darn cute Boo is? I am the biggest dog lover ever and my Bichon is the best so I like Ashley even more because she is all about Boo! How can JP not love her? We all knew Chris Harrison was asked to officiate the wedding, but he wore many different hats last night. He was a host, an officiator, an interviewer, and a marketer. He narrated/hosted the televised event, he officiated the wedding, he interviewed past Bachelor/ette couples and Sean, and marketing the new season all at the same time. A jack of all trades! I’m so glad we didn’t have to hear the words/phrases ‘dramatic’, ‘rose’, ‘final rose’, ‘rose ceremony’. Thanks for sparing us, Chris!

Ashley’s dress by Randi Rahm was just magnificent! It was so HER! While it was slimming and elegant, it wasn’t over the top, and went perfect with J.P.’s tuxedo from Hugo Boss. The song she walked down the aisle to, Elvis’ ‘Can’t Stop Falling in Love with You’ was a perfect rendition of her and JP’s fairytale. The ceremony began with a Celtic tradition of hand-fasting, which both her and his mother were apart of. It was very different and unique but seemed so fitting. I love how Ashley and JP embraced both of their differing cultures and included many traditions in the wedding. JP carried out Jewish traditions with the chuppah, breaking the glass, and the horah during the reception.

It was a beautiful, elegant, not over-the-top wedding to showcase their amazing love story! We wish you the best..A lifetime of love and happiness! Congratulations Ashley & JP!


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