Spa Party

Hey, ladies! Are you looking for something fun, relaxing, and inexpensive to do with your girlfriends? I’ve got the perfect idea for you..a ‘Spa Party’! Here’s how my idea originated..I have been going to my amazing manicurist & pedicurist, Vicki for years now and she’s awesome (not only at what she does, but she’s really accommodating). When I injured my toe and couldn’t get a pedicure at a salon she came to my house (so nice!). My mother’s friend is a masseuse, who happens to also be very accommodating as wellspa_party_wed.272112511_std (she goes to peoples homes in addition to working out of a salon). When I put two and two together, I thought how perfect! I planned this ‘Spa Party’ for a Saturday from 11:00-5:00ish. Because these services take a while, I made it an open house type of party where if someone’s appointment for a pedicure was at 1:00, they could come at 12:30 and have a drink and something to eat while they wait for their appointment. Vicki offered a manicure, pedicure, or both and Rhonda offered a half massage or a full body massage. They each came up with reasonable prices (because they typically charge more for these services on their own or in the salon).

So, how do you turn your house into a relaxing and serene salon? First, find a place that would be ideal for a manicure/pedicure and a quiet place for a massage. The massage therapist set up her table and equipment in an extra bedroom. She brought her music to allow the clients photo-159choose a soothing sound during their massage and we lit candles around the room. Keep the temperature comfortable, around 70 so that both the recipient and the masseuse are comfortable. If you want and you can afford it, find reasonably priced robes to purchase for the people getting massages. Fold up the robe with a pair of fluffy socks for them to change into. As for the manicure and pedicure, this is a little tricky! Manicures are easy to figure out. If you have a small fold up table, take that out, put a nice tablecloth over it, and place a small lamp on it. I had the perfect setup. I had a small table that was just the right size and height. Everyone had their own set of utensils as well.

I had wine, coffee, coffee cake, fruit, tostitos and salsa, cheese madeline’s, and sweet & sour meatballs. Everything was eaten up in a second! I didn’t want to serve anything heavy, especially because everyone was coming at different times, and who really wants to be full and stuffed while you’re having a massage? It was the perfect spread but I think next time I would make a dip with veggies also. A total of 16 people came (including the hostesses and the manicurist and massage therapist) but I wasn’t expecting everyone to be here as late as they were. The party technically started at 11:00 with the first massage and pedicure and everyone left at 6:00. Overall, it was a great success! Keep in mind this was the first spa party I hosted so there are always things I would do differently. I would change minor things such as the amount of food and scheduling appointments. It is a little challenging scheduling appointments for a spa party like this only because if one person chooses to have both a massage and a manicure/pedicure they probably want to get it done right after the other service but other people would probably not want to wait for their services. A challenge that I faced is I wanted everyone at the party at the same time, eating and drinking while they were waiting but everyone has their own life and they have things to do on the weekends so it’s not reasonable to think that they can spend the day (the whole day) relaxing! So, if you’re looking to have a fun, relaxing day with your girlfriends but don’t want to go out to a salon and spend tons of money, ask your local manicurist or massage therapist (or both) if they would be interested in making some money and maybe even getting new clients.



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