The Bachelor: 50 Shades of O.M.G.

Whew, what a first night of The Bachelor it was! I think it’s safe to say that this is a season of firsts. Okay, let’s get down to business.. What were the most shocking/entertaining about the first night? Hold on tight..Here we go!


Ashley P. & Sean Lowe — ’50 Shades of Grey’ Reenactment

  • One word: ASHLEY P. We saw her first in the introductions reading ’50 Shades of Grey’ in bed, claiming that she has another man in her life, Christian Grey. Hmm, a little creepy? I think so. She’s also wondering why she’s still single when she has been actively looking for a boyfriend for years. I think we can all tell you why, Ashley. You’re a little crazy..just a little. Sean looked PETRIFIED when she whipped the tie out of her dress and wanted to reenact a scene from ’50 Shades of Grey’. Poor guy! Can you say 50 Shades of Crazy? I think so!
  • A BIG thank you to ABC for getting Sean shirtless in less than 30 seconds (#ShirtlessSean) Whew! If we take a shot every time Sean is shirtless this season we might be in trouble.

    We will be seeing a lot of 'Shirtless Sean' (#ShirtlessSean) Don't forget to take a shot every time he's shirtless .. We might all be drunk half way into the show

    We will be seeing a lot of ‘Shirtless Sean’ (#ShirtlessSean) Don’t forget to take a shot every time he’s shirtless .. We might all be drunk half way into the show

  • Sean & Bachelorette runner-up Arie’s man date/counseling session: A little awkward when Arie starts giving Sean kissing tips..Let’s see if he takes his advice. Lucky for us if he does!
  • Breaking the rules is hard to do? Not if you’re Sean Lowe! No other bachelor offered a girl a rose right out of the limo but Sean wasn’t fooling around. When Tierra got out of the limo showing her enthusiasm and hugging him like she has never seen a man in her life Sean was smitten and decided to change up the rules, with Chris Harrison’s permission of course. Chris gave the green light and boom! Sean had given out the first impression rose in record time..but, wait..was that the first impression rose or just the first rose of the night?
Tierra received the first impression rose

Tierra received the first impression rose

  • So typically, bachelors and bachelorettes give out ONE impression rose to that person that well, you know, made a great first impression and then proceed to meet and talk with the other girls/guys and then have a rose ceremony to give out the remaining roses. Sean decided he’s not going to be like every other bachelor. Why not change up all the rules? After Tierra got what most thought was the first impression rose, Sean gave Desiree a rose. Two roses led to twelve. This threw the girls for a loop–they were shocked and quickly became obsessed and determined to talk to Sean and to find out whether they would be getting a rose. Some of them had to wait until the rose ceremony. Sean had seven roses to give out during the ceremony. The 19 girls remaining are: Tierra LiCausi, Desiree Hartsock, AshLee Frazier, Selma Alameri, Robyn Howard, Catherine Giudici, Jackie Parr, Leslie Hughes, Sarah Herron, Amanda Meyer, Lesley Murphy, Kacie Boguskie, Kristy Kaminski, Daniella McBride, Taryn Daniels, Lindsay Yenter, Diana Willardson, Brooke Burchette, and Katie Levans.
  • So the big controversy! Kacie B. was the 26th woman to vie for Sean’s heart. If you’re not familiar with the show, typically there are 25 women fighting for the bachelor but in the past some previous contestants from other seasons have shown up to “date” the bachelor/ette. Kacie B. was on Ben’s season but things didn’t work out when she brought Ben home to meet her family. It appears from her and Sean’s interaction that they have met and talked before, probably at a bachelor/ette reunion. She claims she wanted to come on the show to have a fair chance at dating Sean because as soon as she met him she had an instant crush, but come on, we all know the show needs to have some drama. To me, Sean views Kacie as a friend and only a friend but we will have to wait and see! She, along with Tierra had an instant target put on them as soon as they walked into the house. Ouch!
  • Here comes the bride all dressed in..wait, white? Lindsay stepped out of the limo in yes, a wedding dress WITH a vail. I mean ya, every season the contestants try to do something that will stick out but come on Lindsay, you’re drunk and wearing a wedding dress? Not a very good impression.
First kiss of the season

First kiss of the season

This season is not only going to be epic because of Sean’s gorgeous body and southern gentleman nature, if the season premiere was any indication of how the rules will change, we are in for a wild ride! It is apparent from the first episode that Sean isn’t afraid to change up the rules, and enjoys doing so, which will make it interesting. Although I love the Bachelor/ette series, each season is almost cookie-cutter (except for Emily and Ali sending home the runner-up before the final rose ceremony) so switching it up could be a good thing, to keep us viewers on our toes and to gain viewers. Soo, my early favorites are Jackie, Selma, Leslie (DC), AshLee, Sarah, and Catherine. Whether or not they have a connection with Sean, they all seem like they’re on the show for the right reasons and really want to fall in love. Here’s to that!

Who are your early favorites? What was your favorite aspect of the season premiere?


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