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The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap: Sean McSteamy

Can you say McSteamy? Episode two of the Bachelor was hot, hot, HOT! As excited as I was for the premiere, the really good episodes don’t start until the second week and they only get better and hotter from here. Sorry in advance for the long post–there was just WAY too much to talk about from this episode. Sean is in the driver’s seat and he is on the fast track of love! He hasn’t held back AT ALL! From giving Tierra a rose right out of the limo, to handing out random roses throughout the first night, he’s in charge. After becoming very comfortable with most of the 26 women vying for his attention, he was ready to get even more comfortable getting to know the women more in-depth this week. The first one-on-one date went to Sarah.

Sarah & Sean as they free fall 300 feet

Sarah & Sean as they free fall 300 feet

Sarah, who thought having one arm might hurt her chances, was swooped up by Sean in a helicopter, while the other girls shot their jealous stares. They landed on top of a skyscraper in L.A. “So I brought you all the way up here for a champagne toast,” Sean explained, “which is all the way down there at the bottom.” Poor Sarah! The look on her face was utter shock and fear. The two eased their way into it with their harnesses on, counted down, held onto each other, and fell 300 feet (35 floors). That better have been some damn good champagne! Later that night at dinner Sarah let her guard down and shared an experience about how her father and her were in Las Vegas and were preparing to go ziplining. When they were all set to go, in harnesses and filled out all necessary paperwork, she explained, a worker came over and explained that the state law prohibited people with disabilities to go ziplining. It was such a moving story. She expressed her gratitude and happiness of how the day went and how Sean allowed her to accomplish this very big feat, and was right there along side her to make her feel as comfortable and safe as he could. I mean, who wouldn’t feel safe with that hunk next to you?! The show could have spiced things up by having Sean free fall with no shirt on..wait, maybe thats a little much! Don’t worry ladies, there are plenty of ‘Shirtless Sean’ scenes during this episode. Sean proceeded to take Sarah up to the top of the building for a champagne toast where he offered her the rose. She accepted, of course, and they shared their first kiss.

Lesley M. & Sean

Lesley M. & Sean

Onto the good stuff — the group date! Sean surprised the women by meeting them at a beautiful mansion, telling them they were going to be participating in a photo shoot for Harlequin romance novels. Kristy’s reaction was enough for the 13 girls. The women were separated into four groups: cowgirls, vampires, historical, and sexy. Claws came out and Tierra was on everyone’s radar, especially Robyn’s. Tierra claiming, “I’m all natural, baby!”, immediately ticked off the girls, especially Robyn, who had no problem imitating her. “All you guys are so may have a dark, a caddy side”, Sean said. Tierra’s mouth dropped open and said, “I don’t have a caddy side!” The girls think/know otherwise, hopefully Sean will pick up on that soon enough. The photo shoot began with Leslie M. pulling Sean’s shirt off, and stealing the first kiss. The jealous stares came out, with Selma blurting out “we’re done, we’re done”. Sean and Selma’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’ scene was very sweet, Tierra got her peck, but Kristy took the reigns and brought sexy back! Kristy did win the cover, but was she going to get the rose too?

The winning shot!

Afterward, the group was escorted to a nighttime gathering by the pool. While there were no bathing suits, there was some awkward moments, drama, caddiness, and some lip action. Lesley was the first one to get one-on-one time with Sean, make that awkward one-on-one time. The conversation started out great but as soon as Sean was about to go in for the kiss she changed the subject and got flustered and nervous. Come on Lesley! You were all over him during the photo shoot, IN FRONT of cameramen and the other girls and you can’t kiss him? She was frustrated she didn’t get a kiss (but hey, it wasn’t anyones fault but her own). She soon realized this process is not about holding back, so she interrupted Kristy’s time and went in for the kill. Needless to say, Sean was pretty happy with her surprise. Kacie B. got the reassurance that she wanted that Sean was willing to explore their relationship and move her from friend zone to potential girl friend zone. Meanwhile, Katie, who’s hair looked like it was having an anxiety attack, decided the process was just not for her. She approached Sean, explained her situation and of course, the gentleman that he is, tried to explain how it was for him on Emily’s season, but she had her mind made up. He walked her to the limo and said goodbye. Her first stop, the drugstore for some frizz-ease. Kacie was pretty confident after her one-on-one time with Sean, claiming she would get the rose and hey, guess what? Kacie had the last, snarky laugh when she got the rose. Needless to say, Tierra was ticked off. “I wanted to punch her,” she told cameras. “I’m like, ‘Seriously?’ I’m doing everything I can to show him I care for him and I’m here for the right reasons…I don’t get it.” We learned Tierra is an emotional eater, when instead of trying to get more time with Sean, she just spent time eating and complaining. Hmm, maybe she’ll learn for next time.

Lucky Dez!

Lucky Dez!

Desiree got the last one-on-one date. Little did she know, Sean had a major surprise for her! He and Chris Harrison set up a prank at the art gallery they were going to but Sean’s intentions? To see if Desiree had the personality to handle it and laugh it off. This wasn’t the first prank Sean pulled off — During Emily’s season, he pretended like he lived at home with his parents in squalor. This time, he decided to take Desiree to a faux art show and have her break a supposed $1.5-million piece of artwork. Good idea Sean, but the issue was when the $1.5 million piece fell and broke, Dez hardly reacted. Smart girl or bad editing? Regardless, Desi forgave Sean, laughed it off (passing the personality test), and they proceeded to go back to his house for dinner. Lucky girl she is! Sean looked all manly in his shirt and tie pulling the steaks out of the oven. Perfect guy you ask? I think Sean had a ‘little’ help from the producers with that steak, unless he’s just the PERFECT guy who can make dinner and still look perfect like he did when he got dressed. Hmm, I’m thinking he had some help! Regardless, the two had undeniable chemistry that carried over from the first night of conversation. Hot tub, here they come! Congrats to Desi for being the first girl to have a steamy hot tub makeout sesh with the hottest bachelor ever! You go girl! BOW-CHICK-A-WOW-WOW In a interview with People, Sean, while talking about their date said, ” I left that date thinking that Dez might just be the one for me” It sure looked that way! We’ll just have to wait and see if their connection/romance continues and for how long.

At the cocktail party Sean tried to make time for the girls who he didn’t have a date or spend a lot of time with. All the girls seemed pretty content, or as content as they can be when they’re fighting for one guy, except for Amanda. Talk about a debbie downer!

One word..Amanda.

One word..Amanda.

First of all, she looked like the sun with that yellow dress, but wait, if you’re going to wear a bright yellow dress, you can’t act like a cloud. Jeez, Amanda! Are you 12? Wait, are you 4? She sat on the couch pouting all night, not responding to the girls. But, a miracle happened! When Sean entered the room and asked Amanda to talk she came alive. Throughout the night she was seen drinking out of a mug..what was inside you ask? I wish I knew! I’m thinking magic poison the other girls? Possibly! Too bad it made her absolutely miserable–next time she should drink some happy juice.

Sean said sayonara to Brooke and Diana. Good choices, Sean..I didn’t see him with either of them. Onto next week! Here’s to drama, magic potion, more hot & steamy hot tub scenes, and Tierra’s whining. What’s everyone looking forward to?


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