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Facebook Goes More Social With Graph Search

Facebook is rolling out a major new search engine. The purpose? To make the search more social, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said. The new search engine, Graph Search is designed to give users a new, social type of search, as well as more options facebook-graph-search in sorting through topics and interests based on their friends. Although it’s poorly named (it sounds too technical), the concept sounds very promising. Graphic Search is still in the incubation stage. While the beta version is being released on Tuesday, it’s still years away from being complete. Right now it can only handle searches relating to people, places, photos, and interests.

Zuckerberg and his associates are hoping it will make Facebook more useful, encourage people to share and like more, and increase connections between users. Right now Facebook’s sole purpose is to keep people connected, but Graph Search will enable users to connect on more levels.

Research shows word of mouth marketing remains the most trusted and popular marketing tool. According to Nielsen’s latest Advertising Report, 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from family and friends over all other types of advertising, which increased 18% since 2007. (via Social Commerce TodayThe second trusted source are online reviews, followed by editorial content, branded websites, and opt-in emails, while more traditional forms of advertising such as television, print, and radio have decreased, about 24% since 2009. With the increase in word of mouth advertising, there could not be a better time to introduce Graph Search.

If you want to be one of the firsts to try out Graph Search beta, you can sign up here to be on the waiting list.

What do you think of Graph Search?


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