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Bachelor Episode 3 Recap: From Sweet to Ruthless

It’s week three and the claws are out! The ladies have officially turned into ruthless lions. Robyn said it best when she was hoping the first date card would be for her and read, “Robyn, let’s ditch these bitches and fall in love” Well said, Robyn, well said. No wonder Sean is working those abs so hard–he’s got to release the stress and pressure that comes along with “diggin’ a lot of women” at once.


Congrats to Sean & Leslie on setting the record for the world’s longest on screen kiss!

Lesley was chosen for the one-on-one date. Based on the date card that read “How long will this love last?”, Sean asked her what she thought the date card meant..she guessed a trip.  Was she thinking she’d be swooped up and taken to Paris? Come on Lesley, don’t be so greedy! Judging by her facial expressions and “If I could have picked any place, I really didn’t think we’d be coming to the Guinness World Records” comment, she wasn’t too happy where they were. I’d rethink that, Lesley. In case you don’t remember, Lesley, who sported the sexy, cowgirl getup and planted that subtle, kiss in front of the other girls, has probably had the two most hottest dates/scenes with Sean thus far. Heck, no matter who Sean picks, he won’t share a kiss like that with anyone else. I knew this was going to be an intense night when Chris Harrison showed up on the first date. Come on, Chris!  I think we might have to start taking a shot every time Chris appears, not every time our televisions are graced with Shirtless Sean. Chris announced the challenge that they were about to try and set the worlds longest on screen kiss and you could tell Sean, even though he already knew, and Lesley, who didn’t know, were shaking inside. The worlds longest kiss with Sean Lowe? Amazing. The worlds longest kiss in front of hundreds of people in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard? Awkward! They had to beat 3 minutes and 15 seconds, a record that was set over ten years ago. That’s a lot of pressure. I wouldn’t be complaining. Sean claims the hardest part was trying not to laugh while the crowd cheers them on. Can you say romantic? I love Lesley’s reaction when Chris Harrison announces the one minute mark. Who wouldn’t be celebrating? Needless to say, they pulled it off and now hold the record for the worlds longest on screen kiss at 3 minutes and 16 seconds. They capped the night off on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel, reminiscing about their nerdy high school moments, but wait, Sean Lowe, is no nerd. Sorry, Lesley, thats all you –Sean was just trying to not make you feel bad. He gives Lesley a rose and she accepts. Sean describes the date as being perfect and Lesley as “so smart, so sexy, so funny”. He shares his excitement and enthusiasm in an interview saying he can’t wait to see what their future holds. We are three episodes in and I think Lesley is the second one he’s said he can’t wait to see what their future holds (Des is first). Let’s keep track of how many other girls he says that to/about.


All eyes are on that ABSolutely gorgeous body

On every season there is a competitive, group activity date. Thank you to the producers for choosing beach volleyball so that all of us girls could feast our eyes on beautiful Shirtless Sean. If I were the girls I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on playing volleyball..yes, he’s THAT hot. The date had JUST gotten started, I mean two minutes after the girls stepped out of the limo and they were asking Sean to take his shirt off, in which he replied, “If you insist!” Thanks to the girls, we all started drooling. Then, yes, you guessed it..Chris Harrison showed up and the mood turned somber. You could tell the girls weren’t very happy to see him, with one reacting with a “OH NO’ and Kacie saying, “The moment I see Chris Harrison I know that things are not going to be fun for someone.” As soon as Chris explains what the competition is, half of the girls look like they’re about to cry and half look like they’re about to kick some butt. The girls will be split into two teams and will play a round of beach volleyball to vie for Sean’s time — and ultimately, his heart.

The blue team consisted of Kacie, Robyn, Desiree, Jackie, Lindsay, and Amanda while the red team consisted of Catherine, Taryn, Danielle, Leslie H., Tierra, and Kristy. The game started out somewhat friendly, but got very intense very quickly. The girls started to realize what was on the line and they all wanted that alone time with Sean. After what seemed to be an intense, emotional game, the blue team won. As they celebrated, the red team pouted and sobbed on their way back to the mansion.



Back at Sean’s house, the girls were not about to back down. They earned that time with Sean and they were gonna get it. During Lindsay’s time with Sean, she was quick to express her feelings. Still making up for that first night, Lindsay? It seems like she’s so desperate, she will say anything to convince him that she wants to be there. Note: Lindsay is the second girl Sean has told (in just that episode) he’s looking forward to see where this goes. There’s just something about Lindsay — I don’t see her and Sean together. Des gets her much earned one-on-one time next, considering she won the game for the blue team. I absolutely love her and Sean together. There’s something about each of their personalities that just clicks. They can joke around, be sarcastic, but still have a very intense physical connection. Team Desean all the way!

When Des returned to the girls she asked, “What are you hoping for the night?”, in which Amanda replied, “the rose”, which immediately sparked some tension between them. When Des asked Amanda what she’s going to do to get it, Amanda said, “whatever it takes”. Des’ reaction was PRICELESS. I mean the fact that Amanda thinks she has a chance of getting the rose, after what maybe two ten minute conversations with Sean, is an ABSolute (I had to!) joke. Amanda needs to come down from her little dream world she’s living in and smell the roses (no pun intended). Her and Sean’s alone time consisted of her selling herself and letting him know she is everything he is looking for, to which he chuckled and said, “well, theres a lot that I don’t know about you”. Yes, Amanda, you have talked to him TWICE..Only twice. Simmer down, girl! “I feel like I will bring a light, airy, fun atmosphere”, Amanda said in regards to what she would bring to the relationship if they got married. Just remember to wear your bright yellow dress with shoulder pads, Amanda. Desiree seems to think Amanda has the wrong intentions, mostly because she is so different in the house than when she’s with Sean. That causes tension while she overheard their conversation and when Amanda comes back and claims she’s going to get the rose. Kacie thinks jumping in the middle of Des and Amanda’s drama is only going to help her chances with Sean. But, wait Kacie, didn’t you see the previous seasons? Being THAT girl doesn’t work. Let’s see, the last time it backfired was on Ben’s season when Emily O’Brien tried to inform Ben of Courtney’s intentions. Ben found her involvement in the drama as a major turn-off, and after giving her one more chance, Emily ruined it, and was sent home. Sean called Kacie out on it and asked her why she is getting involved AND telling him. He then referred to her as a ‘crazy person’ and wanted the old Kacie back. Needless to say, her plan backfired. Much to Amanda’s dismay, Lindsay got the rose. I thought for a second Lindsay is 12 instead of 24 when she got the rose and laughed like a giddy school girl. Did you all see Amanda’s eyes? She thought her and Sean were going to elope the next day, let alone get the rose. She better get her magic potion out, it might bring her back to reality.

Tierra wanted attention and Tierra got it

Tierra wanted attention and Tierra got it

AshLee got the final one-on-one date of the week, but it didn’t come without drama. Seconds before Sean walked into the house to pick AshLee up, miss drama queen, Tierra “fell” down the stairs. How convenient AND nice timing! She must have this whole drama queen thing/give me attention down to a science. Of course, Sean being the gentleman that he is came in and sat down with her, and called the paramedics, who came and were only turned away by Tierra who claimed she was not going to the hospital and that she was fine. How would she know she was fine? Because it was all a put on. It’s simple — she wanted Sean’s attention and she got it. She conveniently wore the shortest shorts she owned, just to cuddle up with Sean outside, while AshLee waited patiently for her date. Remember this Tierra — Karma is a b**ch!

Sean surprised AshLee by taking her to Magic Mountain where they had the entire park to themselves. Little did AshLee know she wouldn’t be spending the entire day with Sean. They shared their date with two seriously ill teens, who love the Bachelor. It was such a touching story. It was a great way to give back and also for him to see how AshLee would react, if she could share him, give back, and let the fun, kid side out of her. The whole date was a success. Sean provided these girls with such a memorable, happy day, and AshLee responded so well. Sean surprised them all with a private concert by his favorite band, Eli Young. He and AshLee shared some alone time later that evening. She opened up to him about her past which touched him so much that he shed some tears. How sweet! Sean IS a REAL man, ladies! Even though they got along and there was a connection, I don’t see them together. I see Sean with a more energetic, sarcastic, outgoing woman.

The mood was very tense at the cocktail party. Sean immediately lightened the mood when he took Sarah outside to give her a surprise. She saw a limo pull up and immediately panicked, thinking he was sending her home..until she saw her adorable French Bulldog Leo. How sweet of Sean to reunite them! How sexy that he has his own and loves animals? Such a hot quality! As he was holding the first rose in his hand, he asked to speak with Kacie privately. At first I thought he was going to tell her he couldn’t date someone who wore a scuba suit and a neon green scrunchie. JK! Seriously though, what was Kacie wearing? NO one over the age of 5 wears scrunchies anymore. Come on! We all knew what was about to happen — Kacie got involved in the drama, told Sean, blew her chances, and got sent home. Moral of the story, don’t tattle on other women, ESPECIALLY to a guy who is dating them. Sean walked Kacie out to a van? Where was the limo? Oh ya, Sarah’s French Bulldog got the limo over Kacie. Ohh, snap! Sean also sent model Kristy and and fitness coordinator Taryn home. How did that book deal work out for you, Kristy? I see it didn’t get you the man. Next time, don’t brag. If you thought this week was good, just wait until next week!

OH YES, I almost forget to share — You know my ‘Shirtless Sean’ counter? So we’ve all been voting on how many times we think we’ll see Sean Shirtless this season (vote here)..I’m hoping for 50+, as are a lot of you, but guess what ladies? We have a man’s opinion and that’s SEAN LOWE’S opinion! He tweeted me back today and gave us his vote..Here’s hoping he’s right! Ohhlala


Sorry for the long post! Don’t forget to tweet us your thoughts on last night’s show & leave your comments below. We want to hear from YOU! Until next week.. Xoxo


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