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Bachelor Episode 4 Recap: The TIERRA-BLE Show

We were all warned by producer Robert Mills (if you don’t follow him, DO it!) when he tweeted “I’m just putting it out there right now, #BachelorNation: tomorrow is the best episode 4 in #Bachelor history”. Do you agree? Disagree? Let’s discuss!

One-on-one date: Selma

Selma’s date card read “Let’s turn up the heat” Lucky for Sean, Selma was having the same thoughts — except in a completely different way. “I finally get to open up to him. He’s finally going to get to see the real me. Then I want to take it to the next level and then the next level and then have babies”, she giggles during her confessional. Oh yes, Sean will see the real Selma.

Isn't that almost like kissing?

Isn’t that almost like kissing?

Before they even get in the limo she tries to get him to reveal where they’re going. Mind you they are both in athletic wear — Yes, we all know where they’re going and it’s not to hot yoga. They got pretty cozy in the limo, as Sean said they have had an immediate connection since they met.

They pull up to a private jet, where ultra glam girl Selma envisions being taken to the most romantic setting via the most romantic ride. Selma has already made it clear that she does NOT do well in the heat. While getting into the limo back at the house she mentioned how she hoped they weren’t doing hot yoga..I think as soon as she stepped out of the jet, she would have rather been doing hot yoga then what she was about to do in a desert. “I am so disappointed”, Selma claims as Sean tells her they’re at Joshua Tree National Park. Selma repeatedly reminds the camera that she doesn’t do well in the heat and says she feels puffy. “Glad I brought my hiking shoes”, she said. Wait, are those pink sneakers hiking shoes? Still confused about what they’re doing in the middle of a national park aka a desert, Sean points to the mountain they will be climbing. Selma’s response – “Are we taking a helicopter up there?” When Sean says no, she quickly realizes this date is not what she a, thought it would be, and b, what she wanted it to be. While getting strapped into their harnesses, Sean asked her “What kind of shoes do you normally wear?” “Six inch heels,” she giggled. “Selma is pint sized — “She might have some issues..if she does, I can just strap her on my back and carry both of us up the hill I guess,” Sean said. He didn’t seem so keen on the idea, considering he wouldn’t have the view of her if she climbed up herself. Lesson to the producers — next time Sean is in a hot desert rock climbing, make him do it shirtless. The benefits? I don’t think we need to list them.

Sean not only had a good view at the top of the mountain, he had a good view on his way up..and I don’t mean of Joshua Tree. Selma suddenly got a splurge of energy..hmm, I think she realized what was at stake. Sean soon found himself way behind glam girl Selma..his reward? The gorgeous view..of the national park AND Selma’s cleavage.

They then cleaned up (Yes, Selma got a blowout first), got in the jeep where Sean drove to what looked like a deserted trailer park. Not just any trailer park..this had to be the cutest set ever, as Selma calls it ‘country glam’. Each RV set up was a different theme. They checked them all out when they found Selma’s RV – the ‘fee fee’ themed one.

So close

So close

They capped off the night by cuddling by the fire. Romantic, huh? After he expressed his burning desire to kiss her, just then did the brunette bombshell share her disappointing news with Sean. She goes on to tell him about growing up in a Muslim family and the strict rules of the faith that she is expected to live up to. She claims it’s very hard, especially in that moment (their faces are like two inches apart, ready to pounce). Thats when Sean realized this romantic setting AND her cleavage would have to wait. What a BUMMER! Apparently cuddling and touching profusely on national television is not against the rules. With her head on his chest, him starring into her gorgeous eyes, (I’m jealous of her gorgeous eyelashes!) he says, “I’d really like to kiss you.” When she says she can’t kiss him but she’d like to (poor Sean!), he tries to not look disappointed (but come on, what guy wouldn’t be?) and he tells her he respects that and will happily wait to spend more time with her. I mean come on Selma, we all respect your values and faith but how can he not be burning to kiss you with those ‘come get me’ eyes? What a tease! Sean then offers Selma the rose, claiming he’s crazy about her and wants to spend more time with her. Did Sean say, “will you accept MY rose?” That not kissing thing is really messing with his head. I think he meant to ask her if she will accept another part of him. If that isn’t the perfect setting to have your first kiss together, I don’t know what is.

Group Date

Sean invites Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah, and Tierra to a roller derby match. Sean greets the women outside a warehouse type building, where they still don’t know what they’ll be doing. Sean wants to see who will rise to the occasion — You didn’t know, Sean? Tierra’s eyebrow will be the first to rise to the roller derby occasion.  “This is going to be so much fun to watch because you’re all sweet girls,” Sean grins. Hold that though Sean. The women immediately start to slip and fall but for one bachelorette, it’s game on! Amanda (the fitness model), also known as the dark cloud who sometimes comes alive in a ‘way too alive’ kind of way, tells the other team she’s done roller derby before. Sean, impressed by her skills, asks her “Amanda, you’ve done roller derby before?” She shakes her head yes and laughs, blatantly admitting to the camera that no, she’s never done roller derby before but she just told the other team that “so that they’re like so scared which is awesome because like now it’s in their head”. Yes, in case you were wondering, Amanda just like lied to Sean. That’s the foundation for an amazing relationship.


Sarah was having a difficult time on the date, as she explains that her body works in a different way than the other girls. AshLee comforted her and convinced her that she can do it and not to let that stop her from continuing on this journey. Sean made her feel at ease and told her either way, whether she chose to participate or not, it wouldn’t affect him or how he felt about her. What a sweet guy! Sarah was up for the challenge and persevered. Remember Amanda? The one who boasted about her roller derby abilities just to fool the other team AND Sean? During practice when she was doing SO well, she fell and hit her jaw. Note: This is the second time the paramedics show up. Should we start a paramedics sighting poll in addition to the Shirtless Sean one? Tierra most likely isn’t done getting ‘hurt’. Sean, gentleman that he is, decides that he’s seen enough bruises for one day. He declares the date ‘a free skate’ and he joins the group as Steve Perry’s Foolish Hearts started up. Ahh, romance at it’s best! It was almost, ALMOST as romantic as Ashley & J.P.’s rollerskating date..NOT!

That night Sean tries to make the best of a group date gone bad and spends time with each of the women, starting with Sarah. She apologizes but Sean is just impressed by her courage that she showed on the rink earlier. Amanda crashed the party (no pun intended) after she got checked out. She laughed like a giddy little school girl when Sean gave her a quick, sweet, feel better peck on her chin (trust me–nothing more). I wonder what she would do if Sean actually kissed her on the lips. Hmm — I don’t think he wants to know. She claims she’s going to ‘milk’ her injury to get as far as she can. Not sure your ‘injury’ can get you what you want when you’re CRAZY.

The women were all sitting around talking about what happened to Amanda when Robyn asked “AshLee, Sarah, what happened Tierra-LiCausi-crying to Amanda?” Sarah started talking and Tierra immediately chimed in “AshLee and Sarah? Really?” Tierra was completely set off by Robyn because she didn’t include her when she was on the team with AshLee and Sarah. What else is new? Tierra is set off by every word someone says.

5 Steps to get what you want, Tierra Style

1. Stay positive: “I’m going to focus on my connection WIT Sean”

2. Get mad: “I’m about to walk out of here.”

3. Get paranoid: She complains, “I don’t trust anybody here. I don’t understand why no one gets that. It’s, like, so annoying.”

4. Threaten to quit: “Can I go? Can I leave?” Tierra asks a producer.”I don’t want to be here at all. I’m done with it.”

5. Interrupt Sean’s time with another woman and make him feel sorry for you.

In case you didn’t watch last night, Tierra said she’s going to get what she wants and she got it. I know, my mouth dropped open too. You can close yours now. So ladies, if you want something aka a man, you now know how to get it. But wait, that doesn’t work in reality. Funny how this is ‘reality tv’. If Tierra did that in real life, aka have a meltdown, threaten to leave, and have a hissy fit, the guy would run. Too bad Sean wasn’t warned! Tierra went from the crying drama queen to ‘throw it in your face’ happy.


One-on-one date: Lesley P.

Lesley finally got her one-on-one date that she was waiting for. When the date card arrived, so did a box with gorgeous drop earrings. Every season there is a Pretty Woman themed date and this season it goes to Lesley. The women watched in envy as Sean and her drove away in the gorgeous sports car aaaand then we were graced with the first Leslie quote of the evening — “Holy Moly Batman” I really do want to know what Sean was thinking. First stop — Rodeo Drive for Lesley to pick out a dress. After trying on many hideous, yes, hideous dresses, Sean and her both decided on this heinous Badgley Mischka dress with a big bow on the chest. Ya, they were all pretty awful so Sean probably thought to himself, ‘Poor Lesley, why torture her with more ridiciulous dresses? I’ll just tell her this one looks nice even though its a train wreck’ lol “Winner, winner, chicken dinner” Leslie said (second Leslie quote), ready to see her next surprise. Did she really say that? REALLY? I mean I wasn’t a fan of Sean’s vest either so it was a night of pretty monstrous outfits (Side note: Sean looks hot in anything he wears) After picking out a dress and shoes, Sean had one last surprise for Lesley..a pit stop to see Neil Lane to add one more accessory to her look, a necklace.Sean-and-Leslie1

All dolled up for what was supposed to be an unforgettable night, the two walked in to a gorgeous and not to mention, the most romantic setting. “HOLY MOLY!”, Leslie exclaimed when she saw the setting for dinner. As soon as they approached the dinner table she saw the rose and brought it up, which is when Sean immediately changed the subject to the accessories, saying “at least you get to keep the earrings.” Pretty sure that was keyword for you can’t have me but at least you can have the earrings to remember me. Their date was just plain awkward with ABSolutely (I had to!) NO chemistry or romance. When Sean asked her about past relationships she went real deep, giving all of us a play-by-play. Her emotional, heartbreaking stories about ex boyfriends moving on to find their future wives really hit home for more ways than one. He claimed he’s been there, done that type of thing, but he also realized there was absolutely nothing between them physically. He picked up the rose (what a tease) and explained to Leslie that there just wasn’t any feeling of romance between the two, especially in the most romantic of settings for a date. She was visibly more upset by the fact she had to give Sean the necklace back than the fact that she didn’t get a rose. She goes, a bit reluctantly, but not before warning him to watch out for Tierra. Sean walks back into the concert hall/mansion/building/castle (whatever it was) only to be serendaded by Ben Taylor (who is he?) who would have played for him and Leslie IF she stayed. Sean walked upstairs, rose in hand, and did the half mesnick. What’s the half mesnick you ask? In case you’re new to the show, Jason Mesnick had to choose between Melissa and Molly. When he let Molly go, in a very emotional final rose ceremony (as you can see below), she told him he was making a mistake. As soon as he sent her off in the limo, he was seen doing what we all now refer to as the “Mesnick”. If you’re wondering, Jason chose Melissa, only for him to break up with her on national television on After the Final Rose, in which he then asked Molly (the same night) if they could give it a second shot. Now Jason and Molly are married with a child on the way. Pretty sure the “Mesnick” creator, Jason was actually feeling those emotions (with added drama for obvious reasons) but we refer to Sean’s moment as the “half Mesnick” considering his was just for dramatic reasons and he only had been out with Leslie ONCE and barely knew her. I think it’s safe to say Sean was okay.


Ohh the dreaded cocktail party. Sean was amidst the drama right when he walked in. We definitely saw some ‘newer’ faces interacting with Sean at the cocktail party this week like AshLee, Robyn, and Catherine, while we didn’t see much of Des, Lesley M., Sarah, or Lindsay. He reassured AshLee of his feelings and how he thinks of her sweet, caring nature when he’s not with her. He shared a more fun and entertaining time with Robyn, and we really started to see his connection emerge with Catherine. They seem to be both on the same wavelength of having emotional and physical feelings for each other — ones that we haven’t seen up until last night. They shared a kiss and Sean expressed his feelings that he is crazy about her (even though he says that about most girls, including Tierra). Can we go by him in the moment? Not sure. Tierra pulls Robyn and Jackie aside, stating her issues with them and then apologizing for the tiff they had on the group date. Referring to her ‘apology’ to Jackie and Robyn, Tierra said ,”It’s definitely fake, it’s definitely forced, but if I have to get that way, I will because I am too strong of a woman and too independent to let high school pity stuff to get in my way. I came here to win this.” Remember Courtney and her slogan, ‘WINNING’? Well, Tierra is the new Courtney. In it to win it b****es!

Sean sent Amanda home. Shocked that Amanda didn’t make more of a stink, I am glad to see him send her home. The dark cloud has LIFTED and we will all be free from hearing her giddy laugh, and looking at her miserable puss and strange outfits. There’s one very dark cloud remaining that needs to go..You can all guess who I’m referring to.

Don’t forget to check out the Shirtless Sean counter! It has been updated! Vote how many times you think we’ll see him shirtless this season? We’re at 10 so far and there are ONLY 6 episodes left. Cast your vote here.

What were your thoughts this week? Don’t forget to tune in next week on BOTH Monday & Tuesday for not one, but TWO episodes. Double the romance, double the drama, double the episode recaps! Until next week..Xoxo



Photo courtesy: ABC


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