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Bachelor Episode 6 Recap: Plunging into Love

ABC has officially spoiled me (and other Bachelor addicts) with this two night event. Kind of wish it was on two nights every week (who am I kidding? OF COURSE I do). My life would consist of the Bachelor and the Bachelor only. Maybe I should write a book, ‘The Life of a Bachelor Blogger’.

So, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with Monday night’s episode. Why? Well, first and foremost, I didn’t see any Shirtless Sean scenes. Secondly, there was just too much drama. Ya, ya, I know it’s drama that brings out the hilarious tweets and blog posts (or the wine) but Tierra ran episode 5. It’s not the Bachelorette..It’s the Bachelor with Sean Lowe. We want to see Sean fall in love with a little drama. A LITTLE. Episode 6 was a balance of both.

The women arrived in Lake Louise, Canada at their amazing hotel suite with GORGEOUS views of the lake. Am I the only one who would apply for the show just for the insane travel destinations/accommodations? Ha! The women, while checking out their suite, were obsessing and guessing over who would get the two one-on-one dates up for grabs. Daniella, Catherine, and Tierra were the only two women who hadn’t had a one-on-one. Catherine got the first date.


One-on-One Date: Catherine

The giggly graphic designer is more than excited about her first one-on-one with Sean. Her excitement was diminished when she  was outside waiting for Sean in a blizzard with Mr. McSteamy no where in sight. No fear, Sean is here! What an arrival it was — Sean arrived driving a snow bus to sweep her off her freezing feet. Can you say sexy? It would have been hotter if Sean drove up shirtless. The benefits? Well, for one, he would have melted the snow with his hotness. The other reasons are pretty obvious. The pair attempt to sled in the freezing temps, but Catherine is game, frolicking and making snow angels and excitedly rolling with the punches, just like Sean had hoped. It’s safe to say Catherine passed the ‘blizzard test’.


The two share dinner in an ice castle. Yes, an ice castle, but when you have a guy as hot as Sean no worries — he will keep you more than warm — STEAMY. Sean makes a few googly eyes at her as they snuggle up under a blanket and reveals that he’s “crazy” about her (No new vocabulary here). Don’t take “crazy about you” too seriously Catherine — he says it to the other nine women when he’s with them too. Catherine accepts the rose without hesitation.

Group Date

Sean invited seven lucky ladies to frolick in the cold, but had no idea what they were in for. Lesley, Selma, Sarah, Daniella, Tierra, Lindsay, and AshLee find themselves having to do some quick math bright and early. The reward? Sharing a canoe with Sean. Get those brains, working, ladies! Seven women, one Sean, and three canoes. We can count tierrable at math Tierra. Lucky for Lesley, she did the math and hopped in..even before he finished his sentence. Should’ve been quicker on the fly, ladies! You go, girl! The claws came out as soon as Sean said “let me be the man” and row for both of them while Lesley turned around to stare at her hunky boyfriend. Oh yeaaaa, in the words of Courtney Robertson, winning!


The ladies groan about the cold as they attempt to paddle their way through the icy water, but the fun doesn’t end once the canoes have reached the opposite side. No, no. Sean has another proposition in mind for the ladies, and it doesn’t involve hot cocoa and a group hot tub..But it DOES involve bathing suits. Sean tells the women that they’re going to take part in the Lake Louise Polar Bear Plunge. Their reactions? Let’s just say they’d be happier drinking warm goats milk. Some of the women were skeptical but it was only Selma who opted out. The other six women take on the challenge, running and diving head first into the ice cold, freezing water even though, as Lesley so astutely observes, “my ass is numb and my toes are numb.” Not the ideal situation, but I have to say, I would plunge into ice cold water with Sean Lowe any day.


The women gleefully run into the frigid cold water with Sean and run back to the tent, all except Tierra, who begins screaming, shaking, and turning bright blue. “I want to do anything I can to help, but I’m clearly not a professional,” Sean says, as he cuddles up to Lesley, looking turned off by yet another one of Tierra’s shenanigans. Let me recap in case you missed anything – In episode 3, Tierra pulled her first act – She ‘fell’ down the stairs, only to get the paramedics there, as well as attention from Sean, and attention taken away from the other women, especially AshLee, who’s date began late because of her antics. Then, last week, she threatened to leave on the group date because of the women ‘attacking’ her. Once again, her fake tears got her time with Sean, time taken away from Lindsay AND the rose. Last week she crashed the group date. She might have gotten Sean’s attention this time but girl, it’s enough. A phenomonal actress, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tierra landed an acting career after the show (as long as she took off a few pounds and learned the right way to say “with” instead of “wit” and “frustrated instead of “fustrated”). BACHELOR_320x240-2

The EMT’s decided she didn’t need to go to the hospital as her body temperature was rising. As she’s pushed — in a wheelchair, of course (Good acting) — into her room, a panicked Desiree and Catherine came in to see which of their girls was injured. After saying a few half hearted “feel better” remarks, the girls bow out of the room to leave the mascara-streaked bachelor to her own misery. Sean makes a surprise appearance later in the day to check in on her, and Tierra positively lights up. “You keep managing to find one-on-one time with me,” he grins. Yes, sexy and smart!

That night, the ladies and Sean were looking forward to a drama-free evening. Think again, ladies! Knock, knock..It’s the hobo goblin (courtesy of Chris Harrison). Tierra crashes the party ONCE again. The ladies are not thrilled to see her, but she has one task in mind — to get the rose. Too bad Sean is wising up now. Last time she crashed the party and played the “victim” she got the rose..this time, she got nothin’! You’re losing your touch, Tierra. Sean and Lesley spent some quality time together, and some quality make out time. Sean broke out some of the advice from the in-house Bachelor kissing expert, Arie to use his hands more while kissing. Good job, Sean! Remember their conversation from episode 5? He had asked her about Tierra and the drama in the house. It looked like he was moving her to the friend zone, but lucky for Lesley (and fans of team Lesley), they turned a corner — and it was a good corner. Sean offered Lesley the rose and she gladly accepted – cue vicious looks from the scary hobo goblin.

Once the women are back at the hotel, Sean decides to break the rules just one more time. Oh come on, Sean! You change the rules every week! He let Sarah go due to the fact that he just wasn’t feeling anything for her and didn’t want to string her on any longer or make her sit around the next day and through the rose ceremony when his feelings weren’t there. My heart broke for Sarah. All of us girls know how rejection feels (even you guys, too) and especially with one arm, she must feel even more rejection. “I just don’t want to be told forever how great I am, what I deserve,” she says as she wipes away tears. “I just don’t want to be told that forever. And it’s just sad to think about, like, how did Sean see it and feel it in the beginning?” Sarah is truly a GREAT person who deserves GREAT things (even though she doesn’t want to hear that — Sorry, girl!)

One-on-One Date: Des

While Des was getting ready for her second one-on-one date, Daniella and Tierra were livid that they still hadn’t gotten their first. Knowing that Des was feeling insecure and unsure of her feelings for Sean and his for her, Sean does the most logical thing a Desiree-and-Sean-1-on-1-Date boyfriend can do — bring her to the top of a mountain and make her rappel down it. It turns out Sean had a purpose behind this activity — rappeling down a mountain is JUST like a relationship. It starts off scary and then as time goes on you tend to get more comfortable and start trusting the person you’re with. Wow! What these women are learning! Des was scared, fearful, and didn’t trust the harness she was in, but ultimately got over her fear, with Sean right by her side, and she learned to trust in him and herself. While relaxing with a celebratory glass of wine, Des asks Sean if he climbed trees when he was younger. They both revealed their love and experience of climbing trees. Sean challenged her to climb the tree next to him and they both went at it. At least we know they’re both professional tree climbers. What a foundation for an amazing relationship.


After they conquered that, the two changed and had dinner in a teepee (Sean played the part, channeling his inner Native American with that sweater). Des opened up about her childhood and how her parents gave her everything she needed but when times were rough they sometimes lived in a tent. Sean, attracted to hervulnerability and willingness to open up, offered her the rose, and she accepted. They caught up in the romance department by making out since the last time the opportunity came up, Des just drank goats milk and Sean wanted to steer clear.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony the following night, Desiree, Catherine and Lesley are safe, while the remaining five women await their fate. Sean spent time with each of the women, proving that rose ceremony was a lot more relaxed and less tense than episode 5. Why? Tierra didn’t say a peep. Yes, she did shoot some evil, scary, hobo goblin looks but overall, it was a pretty calm evening. Lindsay, who has an undeniable chemistry with Sean and who spends most of her time kissing him, swore that she wasn’t going to kiss him during their one-on-one time. That lasted about two minutes until their flirting got out of hand and she demanded that Sean kiss her. AshLee tried to reenact the 50 Shades of Grey act that Ashley P. tried on Sean the first night (that ultimately sent her home). Luckily for AshLee, it worked, Sean loved the control she gave him, and more than that, loved her reaction to it. Selma, who dared to kiss Sean on national TV against her mother’s wishes, and Daniella, who bemoaned never getting a one-on-one chance with the bachelor, are sent home, leaving Tierra, AshLee and Lindsay standing at the end of the night.

Thats a wrap, Bachelor Nation! Only FIVE days until Bachelor Monday! MARK YOUR CALENDARS — Another two night week is in store! A new “Sean Tells All” will premiere on February 19th at 9:00 P.M. ABC is really spoiling us!

Until next week..Xoxo


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