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Bachelor Episode 7 Recap: Tata Tierra

Episode 7 starts out with Sean and the girls arriving in St. Croix in a seaplane. I guess Sean wanted to arrive in the most romantic way possible..cramped in a seaplane with six women. Oh yes! The ladies arrive at their beautiful suite, only to be obsessing over who’s going to get the one-on-one dates (yes, they obsess over this every week). Mind you, the only woman who didn’t get a one-on-one thus far was Tierra. “I want to look into his eyes, I want to be out in the sun on the beach, I want to be in my swimsuit and I want him to be in his.”, AshLee says in her confessional, hoping to be the recipient.

All the ladies are having a great time, bonding with each other (what else is there to do in a suite with 6 women?) except the dark cloud, Tierra-ble Tierra. Tierra, who doesn’t see the point in being “friends with girls who like my boyfriend”, puts on her “pouty puss” (courtesy of Ashlee) and pulls out a cot to sleep on in the living room, rather than bunk up with the other women. Anti-social much? “I want to roll away her rollaway bed into the ocean,” Lesley quips at one point.

One-on-One: AshLee was over the moon to spend a whole day (hopefully half naked) with her “future husband”. The date card read, “Let’s get carried away…”. “Every time I’m with Sean, I get carried away, if not physically then emotionally,” she sighs wistfully. The odd ball out, Tierra, had to ruin her moment by dissing her age, announcing “the cougar is back in town” (yes, a cougar at 32 years old..and Sean is 29). “When I’m 32, I want to be married and have kids and have everything set,” the dark cloud scoffs. “Why hasn’t she found that? She’s 32!” I smell a little jealousy, Tierra.

Tierra has obviously not seen her in a bikini. AshLee and her bikini bod don’t look a day over 24. Her and Sean’s bodies are meant for each other, that’s for sure. Their kids would be born with abs of steel. Her and Sean frolic on the beach (yes, that’s Shirtless Sean scene number 1 of the evening) while getting to know each other better. Everything was going A OK until Sean brought up the “T” word. AshLee’s facial expressions screamed annoyed/relieved all at the same time. She was relieved to get the Tierra drama off her (and the other women’s) chest, but seemed annoyed that they were spending their date talking about the dark cloud when in fact she’d rather make out and stare into Sean’s gorgeous eyes in the sunshine.


“So…has the drama subsided?” he ventures to ask. “Or are people just not telling me?” AshLee, the good girl that she is paused, looking hesitant about letting the cat out of the bag. But since Sean’s asking..”It’s awkward. It’s weird,” she says carefully. “Who you get is a completely different girl than who the house gets.” Sean listens and considers what the nicest, drama-free girl in the house says, unlike how he dismissed Kacie B. after she started gossiping. Sean is very grateful for AshLee and believes everything she says about Tierra. Her reward? Rolling around and making out with Sean in the sand.

ashleeseanlove--3509247586005754342That evening, AshLee and Sean sat down to a romantic dinner on the beach, where she had a confession of her own to make. Who thought sweet, innocent AshLee would have any skeletons in the closet? I sure didn’t. She revealed to Sean that she was not only married at 17, but also divorced. Sean looked shocked, scared, weirded out, and disappointed (nice editing, ABC!)..until he smiled and said, “I think you’re perfect the way you are and I certainly don’t view you as being broken cause you’re’re far from it so take that out of your vocabulary.” They sealed it with a kiss and Ashley stood on a chair and screamed at the top of her lungs, “I love Sean”. Normal? Completely.

One-on-One Date: Tierra

Ahh yes, pouty pants finally got a one on one. You would think she would be excited, right? Instead of being grateful she was what tierra-goes-home-bachelor else is new? Complaining. Her date card read “Let’s explore our love on the streets of St. Croix” How did Sean know Tierra wasn’t an outdoorsy kinda girl? Hmm, could it be the fact that she is so clumsy she “fell” down the stairs or how she got hypothermia in Canada? Her reaction? “I am so excited to spend the whole day wit Sean, however, being attacked by bugs and the sweatiness and my makeup dripping off that’s not fun or cool. I just definitely thought if I was to get on a one-on-one it would be something like I love boating and being on the water. I definitely thought it would be something like that” What a date to get “heatstroke” and wind up in the hospital with Sean by your side.

Sean and Tierra check out the town as she complains AGAIN, “I am hot, sweaty, and thirsty.” Oh right, you’re dehydrated Tierra, right? Cry me a river. You’re with the most gorgeous man, ALONE, shut up! Tierra might be hot and sweaty, but one thing she does like is shopping and gifts. When Sean buys her trinket after trinket she lights up. They even came across a parade and Tierra let loose, got into it, and danced, sweaty and all. Who knew she could dance and smile? Sean and Tierra had fun dancing and kissing in the streets, regardless of the issues on his mind.


At dinner the pair had a heart-to-heart and Sean brings up, what else, the drama in the house. Tierra immediately points her finger at the women excluding and ganging up on her. She puts an end to that conversation and tells Sean that she’s falling in love with him. He smirks, grimly — see the foreshadowing?


Group Date: Lindsay, Des, & Catherine

Sean showed up to the women’s suite at 4:42 with a flashlight and camera in hand, saying “I hope I make it out alive”. Sound a little weird? Ya, it is. Sean woke Lindsay, Des, and Catherine up (mind you–they had no makeup on, weren’t able to take showers, etc). The test? To see if the girls could just roll out of bed and roll with the punches. Lindsay and Des were the most bothered by it. “I didn’t even shave my armpit!”, Lindsay says in response to getting ready in less than ten minutes. “I’m probably the lowest maintenance person here”, Catherine exclaims. “I just need to pee and I’m good to go.”


Sean and the girls hop into the jeep and off they go to Point Udall, which is as far east you can possibly go in the United States. They get there just in time to watch the sunrise. One guy, three women watching the sunset with mimosas in hand? Aww, how romantic..Not! images-14

The foursome then hop back in the jeep and take a road trip. First stop..the Sugar Mill, then the cafe, then the treehouse. Yes, I said treehouse. Welcome to Tarzan meets The Bachelor. There, Des and Sean take turns swinging in the rainforest while Lindsay and Catherine are on their own date. Too bad Ashley P. wasn’t on this date — but Des did a pretty good job  tying Sean up in the 50 Shades of Tarzan act. “How do you know how to do this so well?!”, he asks Des.  They arrived at their final destination, Sandy Point to watch the sun go down. Disappointingly, they never saw the sunset due to the overcast weather. They had time to spare so Sean decided to do images-16what else but frolic in the water with his three girlfriends. They played in the water and Sean got to spend one-on-one time with each woman.

Lindsay ran into Sean’s arms like they hadn’t seen each other in a month (yet it was probably ten minutes or less). They confirmed their feelings for each other, or as much as Sean can due to the fact that he’s dating five other women. They spent most of their time making out. What else is new? Catherine showed her vulnerable side and told Sean about her struggles growing up and that he would probably not be meeting her father on her hometown date. She got emotional but while she was afraid it would potentially ruin Sean’s interest in her, it actually made him The-Bachelor-Sean-Lindsay more attracted to her. Des also got emotional with Sean talking about the potential of her hometown date and how much she cares for him and how real this is for her. Wow! Talk about an emotional roller coaster of a day! At least Sean was attracted to the girls’ crying and vulnerabilities. After all, they are in St. Croix, not St. cry! Interesting enough, Sean gave the rose to Lindsay, who stayed  positive and upbeat during their alone time. Catherine and Des were shocked, while Lindsay was beaming, now that she knew Sean would be going home with her to meet her family. It’s a good thing they weren’t able to view the sunset (because of the gloomy weather)..I wouldn’t want to see the sunset with a guy who just gave another girl a rose.

One-on-One: Lesley

I have been pulling all season for Lesley and in a previous post I had mentioned that Sean looked like he was putting Lesley in the friend zone when asking about Tierra and the drama. The following week they seemed to have the chemistry and spark back that they had on their first date, but this time, the friend zone was for good. Sean seemed to have some questions going into the date but I don’t think it was really fair to completely forget about her just because she didn’t open up as quickly as the other women. But again, this is The Bachelor! If you snooze, you lose.

Lesley and Sean spent the day in their own “secret garden”, picking fruit, and talking. Sean was unsure of his relationship with Lesley from the start, but was more concerned as the date went on and she wasn’t showing much affection. Lesley seemed to be images-13 reserved and nervous like she had something on her mind. She tried to tell Sean she was falling in love with him but her nerves got the best of her. She admitted to the cameras that it just didn’t feel right that day to tell Sean she was falling in love with him. That could have cost her! They were walking when they stopped, leaned up against a gate, and Sean barricaded her to really see if the romance/affection was there. They made more eye contact they had all day, well how could they not with Sean up in her face? Ha! She kissed him and told him her feelings were very strong and real for him..staying away from the “L” word. What was up with Lesley’s half date? She didn’t show Sean any affection so he cut the date short? How rude!

Next, Sean met up with his sister, Shay, who was flown out to St. Croix to dish on the remaining women with her younger brother images-12and it just so happened to be her birthday too. What a great way to celebrate! Sean spoke to her mostly about Tierra, while his sister gave him the advice — if a girl has trouble getting along with other women, she is not someone you want to keep. Keeping his sister’s advice in mind, he decided to have her meet Tierra and see for herself. Sean had NO idea what he was getting himself into when he walked into the ladies’ suite. All the mature women were hanging out when Sean came in and asked where Tierra is. Des pointed to the next room. When Sean went in her room, he found her on her cot, sulking with her head down. Playing the victim once again, Tierra cried on Sean’s shoulder blaming the women for her misery. Although Sean felt bad due to his caring, sweet nature, he knew what he had to do..and that wasn’t to bring her to meet his sister. He stepped outside to have a moment to think and ah ha! The lightbulb went off! Sean went back inside and told Tierra it was for her own good that she went home. Surprisingly, she didn’t put up a fight like I had imagined she would. I hate to say this, but I don’t think this is the end of Tierra-ble Tierra. How could she go out THIS easy? It’s just NOT possible.


Sean opted for no cocktail party, as he knew what his decision was. He sent Lesley home. No surprises there after their awkward date in the secret garden. He will be visiting the hometowns of Des, Lindsay, Ashlee, and Catherine. Don’t worry ladies and gents! There’s plenty more drama and surprises to come next least it’s not Tierrable drama!

Until next week..Xoxo

One thought on “Bachelor Episode 7 Recap: Tata Tierra

  1. honestly im glad that tierra went home and i think they purposly did the water date just so ashlee would have to be in a swimsuit. while i liked lesley there was no spark there. I hope he picks Des

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