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Bachelor Episode 8 Recap: Home is Where the Hea(r)t Is

Hometowns are my favorite part of the Bachelor. You not only get to see the women’s families, but you get to see where they grew up, what their backgrounds like, how Sean may or may not fit in with their family, and oh ya, meet some jerks along the way.

AshLee – Houston, TX

Ashlee’s date was a carbon copy of Sean’s hometown date on the Bachelorette except with more crying. Well, hey, if Sean ended up with AshLee, they sure wouldn’t have to discuss relocating. Sean arrived in Houston where AshLee was walking her adorable dog, Bailey in the park. She set up a “picnic”..not sure if there was any food involved, but there was a blanket. Doesn’t that make it a picnic? They talked (well, Ashlee talked and told Sean how much she appreciated him on their one-on-one when she told him about her marriage and divorce). I love AshLee but the metaphors? I don’t think I can take many more. After Sean reassured her for the 10th time that she is not broken, they arrived at her parents house. In case you don’t remember, AshLee was in five foster homes before she got adopted by her parents who Sean went home to meet.


AshLee’s dad jumps right in and wants to know what they’ve been doing, where they’ve been, and who they’ve met. Ashley, of course starts with the most meaningful date. “We went to this amazing lake and all the sudden Sean tells us we are doing what’s called the polar bear plunge. I stood there and I looked at this lake and thought, I made this commitment and I needed to leave every insecurity and fear of abandonment and fear of walking away without him behind”, she says while trying to hold back tears. “…and I jumped in and in my mind I was like I submerged everything and left it in the water and came out.” She then begins to describe their date in St. Croix. “We were on the island and now you’re going to have to forgive me, there was a lot of romance,” she says smirking. “Hmm,” says her father. “ and I need to have a talk.”, her mother laughs. AshLee tells them they rolled around in the sand and left the other details to their imagination. “All in fun of course,” Sean says. Who’s she kidding? Do AshLee’s parents know Sean is a born again virgin? Pretty sure that would make her pastor father VERY happy. While talking to her mother, Sean learned how protective she is, considering she was in five foster homes before this. “You better not break her heart!”, her mother says. Mrs. Frazier – your daughter is on a DATING show, one which there is only ONE girl left at the end. Hearts DO get broken. Sean and her father spoke about AshLee’s wedding and divorce and Sean continued to ask him for his hand in marriage, if it came to that. Of course he said yes.


Contemplating her next metaphor

Moral of the date: Sean and AshLee’s houses have the most in common.

Catherine: Seattle, WA

Catherine’s hometown started off where else but at the Pike Place Market. I feel like the Bachelor/ette has filmed the most in images-19Seattle, whether it’s hometowns or just a destination on the journey and Pike Place is always on the list. Catherine greets Sean and is so excited to tell him what they’re doing. Something seemed a little fishy. Yes, I said fishy. Catherine surprises Sean and has him catch fish in the marketplace. Little does Catherine know, Sean isn’t going to just let her watch on the sidelines. She’s up next! Catherine gets in place and attempts to catch her first fish when it slips through her hands. “It’s slippery!”, she said. “I know, it is a fish,” says the guy who works there. Guess fish catching isn’t in Catherine’s future. Catherine and Sean continue to explore Seattle, showing each other constant affection, laughing, dancing, and joking around. She warns Sean that her mother can be a little intimidating, but gives him some advice on how to greet her grandmother, Lola or “graham cracker”. Manong is a Filipino tradition when you take the hand of your elder and place it on your forehead. Hey, if it will impress one of her family members, even one named “graham cracker”, Sean’s all for it.

They arrive at the house where Sean meets Catherine’s two sisters, Monica and India, her mother, and her grandmother. He immediately impressed grandma, but her sisters and mother, not so much. Her mother asked Sean for help in the kitchen where he wore an apron (oh no, not one apron, but two..really two? shirtless would have been better) and helped cook. Before Catherine sat down with her sisters, she wanted to show off Sean’s muscles so he did some pushups with her on his back (Yes, it would have been 100 times better with his shirt off) Catherine’s sisters seemed to be very skeptical of images-20their sister and Sean’s relationship and the entire process.  When he asked if they think Catherine is honestly ready to settle down, her sister responded, “Umm, I can’t see her having kids right away. She goes in 100% with guys and always makes things fun with guys and when fun…” I lost her there. She wants to be with someone who supports all of her dreams and if you don’t support her dreams, she’ll find some..” Does her sister EVER finish a sentence? Pretty sure Sean’s head was spinning the entire time. Sean never got approval from Catherine’s mother to propose. He walks out with Catherine and looks as skeptical as he’s ever looked. When him and Catherine are together, they have nothing but fun times, but her family? They ruin everything. Solution: Sean’s family should adopt Catherine and they should be BFF’s and go into the fishing business.

Moral of the date; Catherine is a fickle pickle.

Lindsay: Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Sean met Lindsay in the little village of her hometown (well, her hometown for about 3 months..remember, Lindsay is an army brat, if you didn’t remember from the 20 times she’s mentioned it). They walked around the town, checking out shops, stopping for  a beer where Lindsay used to work, and getting cupcakes. Sean got right down to business and asked Lindsay what he should call her father, the two star General. While Lindsay thought it was funny, Sean was dead serious. General Yenter? Mr. Yenter? Mark? It’s a good thing they decided on Mr. Yenter..I thought they were going to have to call in an etiquette coach. Lindsay mentioned she  had a surprise for Sean. She went in the back of the cupcake shop, came back and told Sean he would need to get “army ready. Not ready, but army ready.” Uh oh! Sean looked scared.


Lindsay put him through a mini training sesh that turned into doing push ups with Lindsay sitting on him and getting rewarded each time he completed a sit-up. Lindsay’s got the right idea! Perfect date idea to keep in mind, ladies! Just not sure why she chose the sweatshirt over shirtless Sean. Pretty sure Lindsay’s way of getting Sean “army ready” wasn’t nearly enough to prepare him for meeting General Yenter.


Army face is ON

Sean and Lindsay arrive at their home on base and they get such a warm welcome from her mother, father, and brother. They jump right into it and ask about their experience thus far. Sean immediately brings up the first night and asks them if they knew what she did. Yes, Sean is visiting the hometown of the girl who showed up in a wedding dress, yes a wedding dress. Sean spends some time with Lindsay’s mother, who by the way, is AWESOME! You can totally tell that Lindsay gets her positive attitude and supportive ways from her mother. Her mom gets right to the point. “Are you falling in love with Lindsay?” her concerned mother asks Sean. He beats around the bush and says he’s not the kind of person to “share those types of words with anyone.” She accepts that answer. Sean then asks if she has any suggestions for when he speaks with her husband. Up next, Sean has a man-to-man conversation with General Yenter. Sean tells Mark how he is falling for his daughter (without saying those magic words, of course) and what else..asks for his permission to marry Lindsay if it comes to that. The General comes out in Mr. Yenter, who gives Sean a little bit of an army lecture. Long story short, he accepts Sean, Sean and Lindsay, the scenario, and gives Sean his blessing, of course, if it came down to that. Her father thanks them both for coming and gives them dog tags (ID tags) with army values to remember their visit by. Lindsay caps off the night with Sean by telling him she’s falling in love with him and seals it all with a kiss. It’s safe to say, Lindsay has captured Sean’s heart.

Moral of the date: All army Generals are not uptight, scary, and rigid.

Des – Los Angeles, CA

The last stop on the pain train for Sean was in LA. He met up with Des on a hiking trail (I know..just when we thought we were done seeing spandex and sneakers). They walked hand-in-hand taking in the view, enjoying what Des seems to think is real life, “an ordinary Saturday”, yet this IS reality TV. “If Sean and I end up together this is pretty much what life will be like. I’m going to want to go hiking, and I want to just enjoy company, and make out,” giggling about how she envisioned life with him after this. desiree-1 After the hike, Des brought Sean back to her place. So far the date is ordinary, fun, peaceful, but the best is yet to come. After Sean and Des get dinner for her family, the doorbell rings. What he thought was Des’ brother, was an actor acting as Des’ ex boyfriend, coming to tell her he’s in love with her and wants her back. I’ve gotta say, this dude did a pretty good job. Des on the other hand, not so much. Her smirking and somewhat peaceful reaction made it far from believable. When Sean and Nick (the actor) got into a pretty heated argument, and Sean’s fist ready to take this guy out, Des decided to turn down the heat and spill the beans. “Got ya!”, she exclaimed. Sean was happy (and relieved) to see that Des could take a joke when he pranked her back during their first one-on-one and even better, prank him back. Sound familiar? Sean pranked Emily during his hometown date. One surprise down, one to go.

Des’ family shows up. Sean meets her mother, Roxanne, her father, Tony, and her brother, Nate. They all sit down and talk about Picture-311-300x191where they’ve been and who they’ve seen. Yes, Montana came up..and so did milking a goat and images-21 drinking it’s milk. Yes, your daughter drank goats milk for this guy. Des has a heart-to-heart with her mom, while Sean talks to her dad. Wow, smooth sailing, right? Everyones happy and loves Sean? Yes, as long as you don’t bring her brother Nate into the picture. Desiree sat down with her brother, so thrilled to share her feelings for Sean, only to be shot down by her brother’s skepticism, saying “just don’t fall for nobody”. Wait, is Tierra engaged to Nate? At least they have the broken English thing in common. When Nate asks, “Hey Sean, you mind if I holla at you real fast?”, Des looks scared out of her mind. Yes, Des, this could make it or break it. When Nate called Sean out and called him a “playboy”, doubted his character and the “lack” of reciprocation (Nathan apparently likes the only big word he knows..he must have said it 5 times in the same sentence), is when Sean knew he could not see himself marrying into this family. When Sean tried to explain himself, “I’m crazy about your sister”, Nathan shot right back with “You’re crazy about a lot of girls, aren’t you?” “You don’t know which one you’re going to choose yet?” Has Nathan ever watched this show? I think not! Needless to say, Sean walked out of Des’ house with more doubts than he ever could have imagined. Things got awkward enough, the only thing left to talk about was Yes, the weather. Des’ parents babble on about the four seasons, while Sean is trying to plan his getaway.

Moral of the date: Guys who grow up in tipis are generally jerks.


Rose Ceremony


“Yup, he screwed me.. I knew I should have left him in the tipi”

Back in L.A., Sean was faced with a very difficult decision. He was going to have to let one of these four girls go who he had built such an amazing relationship with and who’s family he had just met. Keep in mind, he told every parent, in one way or another he wouldn’t break their daughters heart. Well played Sean, well played. Based on each hometown, we all can tell who he had doubts about. He gave out the first two roses to AshLee and Lindsay. While the women could see Sean was struggling with his decision,  Desiree took advantage of every last second she could and asked Sean to speak alone. She let him know she knew what her brother said to him and apologized a million times over, but was it too late? Holding the last rose in his hand, Sean put it down, and took  some time to himself in the deliberation room (wait, do they still use that word?). Sean stood in front of the women’s pictures (I didn’t know a picture could mean so much). Chris Harrison came in and gave Sean some advice he couldn’t have lived without..”just don’t make a mistake”. Yes, Chris, pretty sure Sean doesn’t want to make a mistake when we’re talking about his future here. Ha! Sean deliberates, joins the women, and gives his final rose to Catherine. Des looks surprised, but not shocked, thanks to her bro. If I were Des, I would have left her brother in the tipi. Her future might have been different. Sean walked Des out and explained his reason for letting her go, which is when she told him he was making a big mistake and he will regret it. Glad Des was taking notes when Jason sent Molly home and she told him you ARE making the wrong decision and you WILL regret it. And oh did Jason regret it. He regretted it so much he broke up with Melissa (the girl he chose) on national television on After the Final Rose. He asked Molly for a chance and now they are married and expecting their first child together. Stranger things do happen, but not in this case Des. Good luck convincing any guy to marry you with a brother like that. There should be a part of the Women Tell All dedicated to jealous siblings, featuring Monica, India, and Nate.

Onto overnight dates (well, you know..let’s say exotic dates considering Sean is a “born again” virgin and won’t be spending the dfe9bf36ddaa0702bf1adfa4f86b6383 night with any of these women).

Until next week.Xoxo


2 thoughts on “Bachelor Episode 8 Recap: Home is Where the Hea(r)t Is

    • Yes! I agree! I think Lindsay’s date was very telling about her and her family. I think Sean feels that he could fit in very well with them, but on the other hand we never hear anything about her career, her future plans, etc. You can’t be a substitute teacher forever! Catherine on the other hand is the opposite. She has her career set, which is a good one and she can probably get a job anywhere and relocate to Dallas but her family was very skeptical and not very welcoming to Sean. Does he go with the best girl for him who he has the most chemistry and fun with who’s family he doesn’t really get along with or does he go with the girl who’s family he really liked but him and the girl don’t have a deep relationship?

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