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Five Ways to Blow it with Sean Lowe

Last night on Sean Tells All we didn’t learn too much more than we already saw on the Bachelor, but Sean wants everyone to safe_image.php know, being the bachelor ISN’T easy. Yes, Sean admitted he felt like he got duped, but he is probably one of the smartest bachelors  yet. Even though we all witness Sean getting duped by Tierra, he didn’t waste any time sending girls home who he didn’t see a future with, yet he managed to keep the crazy girl in the wedding dress. Turns out, he’s falling in love with her. Funny the way things work out.

So, what did we learn from last night? Here are the five ways to blow a chance with the gorgeous hunk:

1. Talk about your mom A LOT and show up to meet him only to pull out a tie and ask to act out a scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

While most women had the thought of getting to know Sean the first night, Ashley P had other intentions. A tie and a bondage fantasy were on her brain and discreetly (actually, pretty boldly) said to Sean, “Maybe you can teach me how to use this later.” Needless to say, Sean looked scared.  So when Ashley got wasted at the opening-night cocktail party and told Sean, “My mom loves you!” no less than four times, he “started to think, ‘Is she messing with me?’” No, Sean, she’s not. Run NOW! Yes, you guessed it. Ashley’s 50 Shades of Crazy love story lasted one night before Sean sent her packing. I’d be afraid to see what would have happened the second week if he kept her.


2. When sweet talk turns dirty

Lesley M. and Sean shared a date that most women would kill for. They set the world’s longest on screen kiss together. Who wouldn’t want to share that with Sean? Lesley and Sean seemed to have an instant connection starting from the second she walked out of the limo and challenged Sean with a football move. They went in and out of the friend zone all season, but Sean said the dealbreaker was the fact that she didn’t say “I love you” on their last date..and something else. During the second half of their first one-on-one date when Lesley said she likes to eat brownies the sexiest way,  Sean was salivating while starring at the brownie coming towards him, ‘you know how daddy likes his brownie. give it to me’. Lesley took it to a WHOLE new level. “Mmmmm, baby baby. Stick it in my mouth!” Sean couldn’t continue.. “Whoaaaa, I didn’t say filthy”, saying “You took it too far” Don’t take it too serious! That wasn’t the dealbreaker. In St. Croix during their secret garden date when Lesley’s nervousness turned into awkwardness to Sean. He admitted, “I think had she said ‘I love you’, it could have been a gamechanger.”


3. When butterfly kisses aren’t good enough

Selma and Sean had an instant attraction and chemistry, always touching and being affectionate when together. Their affection increased dramatically on their first one-on-one date to Joshua Tree National Park when Selma fell asleep on Sean’s chest in the helicopter, with his hand on her butt and only continued when they were climbing up a mountain and he got the best view of all..the view of Selma. While Sean was enamored with Selma’s beauty, intellect, and wit, he was confident the second part of the date would include some heavy petting and making out. Whoops! Only one problem, Sean! Selma had yet to inform him that in the Iraqi culture, she cannot show affection like kissing on national television, and she wouldn’t want to disrespect her mother like that. Wow – what a tease Selma is! Poor Sean! Her cleavage, affection, tight clothes, and flirtatious eyes, and no kissing? From then on, her and Sean tried every form of “kissing” besides the lips they could dream up including the butterfly kiss. But, ultimately that didn’t tickle Sean’s pickle. The night Selma decided to break the rules and make her mama not so proud, Sean had already made his mind up. If you snooze, you lose!


4. Siblings who want to “holla” at ya

When Sean arrived in California for Des’ hometown date, he was in for a big surprise, actually two surprises. After the first surprise of the night, when Des pulled a pretty good prank on Sean – her “ex-boyfriend” showed up to ask her back and called Sean an “actor”, her family showed up including her “troubled” brother, Nate. Des had warned Sean earlier that her brother “had gotten into some trouble… as a youth,” but nothing could have prepared Sean for what was about to go down. After ripping into his sister about how this process won’t work, Nate asked Sean if he could “holla”. Yes, he really said “holla at you”. He called Sean out and claimed there was no reciprocation in the relationship on his part. When Sean claimed he had feelings for Des and appreciated her for everything she possesses and also appreciates the other women for their qualities, Nate referred to him as a “playboy”, taking advantage of each situation and having fun as they come. Boy of boy was he off his rocker. Not sure if Nate reads or goes out in public, considering he could barely speak English, but apparently he doesn’t know ANYTHING about Sean and his character, and doesn’t know jack about the show, considering he asked “so you don’t know who you’re going to pick?” No, Nate, if Sean knew who he was going to pick, why would he be going to meet four different families? Smaaaart! ”I really wanted to hit him. I really did. Because I can’t think of a bigger insult to hurl towards me because that’s not who I am at all,” Sean told Chris. ”Attacking my character is the quickest way to get me heated…. So it took everything in me just to, basically, control my emotion.” He added, ”Ultimately, I just chalk it up to him being a jackass.” Yes, a jackass who will ultimately ruin every relationship for his sister.


The two women that Sean claims were on the chopping block at that rose ceremony were Catherine and Des. Funny that both of their families were very skeptical and bashed their own blood not only to their boyfriend, but to millions watching the show on national television.

5. Meltdowns & Sparkle

The last and final way to ruin it with Sean? The Tierrarist. Tierra, who Sean gave the first impression rose to right out of the limo is the same girl who he said “should not have been on the show”. Sean admitted if he knew what was really going on and that the girls were telling the truth about Tierra, he wouldn’t have kept her that long, and more importantly, he would have kept Jackie over her on the 2-on-1 date. BUMMER! At least Sean has three more stable women to share his sparkle with.


We heard Sean say the magic word “IF” a couple times throughout the show last night. Do you think the final three women would have been different if he kept Lesley M. and Jackie? Who do you think would have been sent home in their place (besides Tierra)? Do you think Sean made a mistake sending Lesley M. home?

BEST part of the show? The credits shower scene with SHIRTLESS Sean! THANK YOU Robert Mills! In case you missed it –

Until next week..Xoxo


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