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The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap: The Fantasy Suite Life

Fantasy week in Thailand? Typically, we would expect it to be hot and saucy, but this season, we just got some bugs, colored chicks, caves, and real-life talk. I kid you not! The highlight of Thailand? Sean was shirtless 50% of the episode. Yes, 50%.


Lindsay’s Date

Lindsay and Sean take a samo (spelling?) to Si Kao Market (Thai Marketplace), hoping to make this day as real-life as they can get, at the grocery store. “Are you adventurous when it comes to trying new foods?”, Sean asks Lindsay. “I am, except I won’t eat a 130222Bachelor1_300x206 bug.” Sean looks surprised, yet thinking to himself ohh Lindsay will eat a bug if she wants to keep dating me. “Lindsay has mentioned she just wants to go back to Dallas and do normal things with me, like go to the grocery store.” Sean said. Rest assured, Lindsay! At least grocery shopping in Dallas won’t involve eating bugs. Lindsay might say she wouldn’t eat a bug, but I’m sure Des didn’t think she’d ever drink goats milk either. What we do for L-O-V-E! Lindsay and Sean indulge and eat a little bug, that Sean describes as “that was actually not that bad”. Just when Lindsay thought she was done being adventurous for the day, Sean says “let’s try the bigger one. You’re only in Thailand realitytv-the-bachelor-s17-e10-week-8-still-1once” After Lindsay consumes the bug and chases it down with some kind of potion, they head over to their own private beach. They arrive at Monkey Beach. What a fitting name! The two chill on the beach and talk about how great her hometown visit was and how her parents love Sean. There was some silence, followed up by Sean saying “You know what I mean?” “Oh ya, I know what you mean”, Lindsay says, giggling. Sean and Lindsay get down to business, and by that I mean, Sean gets shirtless for the first time in Thailand. Oh YEA! Lindsay and Sean feed some monkeys on the beach and then frolic in the water, enjoying the romantic sunset.


At dinner, Lindsay and Sean talk about what their life after the Bachelor could be together, while Lindsay tries to get the magic words, “I love you” out but constantly gets interrupted, this time, by some Thailand dancers with some long finger nails. Who wants their back scratched? After the dancers serenaded the two, Sean presented Lindsay with the ultimate “card”. I mean come on, either ABC is doing a FANTASTIC job editing, the girls are lying like they have no clue, or they haven’t watched one season of the show. How do they look so surprised when they start reading the fantasy suite card? Lindsay reads it, her eyes light up and Sean tells her “no interruptions, no distractions.” Did Sean really think he had to bribe Lindsay to go to the fantasy suite? I mean come on! “let’s go”, Lindsay willingly agrees to head to the fantasy suite. Lindsay’s feeling the pressure of telling Sean how she  feels and so is he. “Lindsay and I could look back five years from now and realize tonight is the night we knew we were going to spend the rest of our lives together.”, Sean spilled to the cameras. Sean laid his heart on the line, telling Lindsay she possesses all of the qualities he wants in a partner. Okay, Lindsay – your turn! “Soo”, Sean says. “There is something that I do want to tell you.”, Lindsay says, starring into Sean’s big blue eyes. “I love you.” Lindsay finally opened up to Sean, said those magic words, and Sean smiles, kisses her, and claims “I love hearing you say that.” Lesson learned: When a girl tells you she loves you, don’t tell her you love hearing her say that. The two made out (what else?) and then went to bed. Yes, went to bed. No monkey business in the fantasy suite for Sean.


AshLee’s Date

Ashlee runs into Sean’s arms and the metaphors begin. I love Ashlee and think she’s a great person but I CANNOT take one more metaphor. The two take a leisurely boat ride in Thailand when Sean claims “I’d love to do this the entire day with you” to which Ashlee replies “this isn’t all we’re doing?”. You know she was thinking I hope we’re doing something I can attach a metaphor too. Don’t worry – Sean’s got that covered. The two show up at a cave and she starts freaking out asking Sean if they have a floatie. Screen-shot-20130221-at-34706-PM-1549752979370519765 No, Ashlee, you’re going to be thrown into a cave to drown in Thailand. The end. The cave brings abandonment issues up, AGAIN, just like everything she’s done on the show. Did you know Ashlee is adopted? Rather than abandon Ashlee, Sean leads her through, showing her he can take control and take care of her, a quality he wants from his future wife. Going through the cave, Ashlee remains terrified and freaked out, occasionally asking Sean if they’re going the right way and doubting his sense of direction.”That’s kind of how life is sometimes. When you’re with the person you love, you’re going down this dark alley way and what scares me here is taking a risk and not knowing the outcome. What if he says you are amazing but you’re not the one?” Ashlee explains as they are trying to find their way out.  They both see the light at the end of the tunnel and Ashlee finally giggles and realizes her fears were again, irrational. “But as much as I’m terrified and as uncomfortable as I’ve ever been in my entire life, my commitment is to Sean and my commitment is to change my previous way of thinking. In this situation you have to let go or you don’t fall in love.” Which metaphor do you like more? The polar bear plunge or the cave? I’m thinking the cave. It’s spookier.


Sean and Ashlee sit down to dinner where she continues to tell him how much she loves him and how this experience has healed her broken heart. If we all took a shot every time she said “this man”, we’d be hungover for weeks. Sean presents Ashlee with the fantasy date card (the wheels are turning..more metaphors to come). Sean made his intentions VERY clear. He wanted to stay up all night and TALK to Ashlee. Yes, talk to her. NOTHING else. Of course, Ashlee takes this fantasy suite date very seriously, considering if she gave herself to Sean and he sent her home, she would be abandoned. They sit down to have some dessert and Sean shares some of his feelings with Ashlee (the same thing he tells the other women) and tells her how special their relationship is. Sean thought he was going to hear Ashlee continue to lay her heart on the line and tell him how madly in love she is with him, but he was wrong. “With that said, I like a cushion ring with diamonds all the way around, on the band, and I believe my ring finger is a 6.5.”, Ashlee told him regarding the ring she wants. “Thats good that you know what you want,” Sean responds. Although Sean was giggling and smiling when Ashlee was describing her dream ring, he had a weirded out look in his eye. A little too much Ashlee..Just a little. I mean who tells the man they’re fighting for with two other women, the kind of ring she wants? Bad move.


Catherine’s Date

Catherine runs up behind Sean and scares him. They giggle and skip off to the boat that they’re going to spend the day on. The two relax with wine on the boat before they jump in the water to snorkel. You might have been asking yourself, what kind of test does Catherine have to pass? Considering Lindsay had to eat bugs and Ashlee had to swim through a scary cave holding onto Sean (well, that’s not really a challenge – ha!), what was he going to challenge Catherine with? Nothing. Thats right, something doesn’t sound right. Catherine put Sean to the test. He had to jump off the boat doing a backflip. That was far from a test for the athletic, gorgeous hunk who constantly put the women up to these adventures this season. They jumped off the boat, backflips a success, and frolicked in the water with the gorgeous coral and fish. “I love being with Catherine. I care so much about Catherine I always want to show her affection because I want her to know how I feel about her but when she looks at me with those brown eyes how can you not give her a kiss all the time?”, Sean gloats about his girl. The two kiss in the rain (and lightening), when Catherine admits thats the most “romantic thing she’s ever done with anyone”. Hmm, Catherine must be pretty straight.


The two share a romantic dinner and talk about where they see themselves down the road if this all works out. Sean admits that he thinks Catherine gets him the most and that’s so important to him. HINT: Emily said that Jef “got” her too. Not sure that “getting” someone is the ultimate, considering Jemily is now history. Catherine was all smiles over dinner, as was Sean. Catherine told Sean of her traditional qualities in a relationship. Traditional and conservative but you’re on national TV trying to find a husband. Sean said that he could see himself marrying her, but Catherine still felt like she had to hold back and not let him in on everything.  Towards the end of the night, after she accepted the fantasy suite card (under the condition that they don’t engage in any monkey business), she opened up and told Sean she was made fun of, being told she’s fat and weird, which is when Sean said “you’re vid_bachelor_abc_640x360_620x350 smokin’, okay?” Time for hot tub time! Catherine and Sean made out in the hot tub, while talking about how crazy this has been. “We’re like in a relationship.”, Catherine says. Yes, Catherine, you are. In a relationship with Sean, who is also dating two other women. Smitten about this girl, Sean smiles from ear to ear, kissing and cuddling Catherine, but nothing more.

Rose Ceremony

Before the rose ceremony, Sean had time to think his decision over, by not only looking at the women’s pictures, but by their PRIVATE video messages. Don’t worry ladies – your video messages won’t be seen by anyone but everyone watching on national television. The women arrive one-by-one, welcomed by Chris Harrison. The women looked so Thai with their Asian-inspired umbrellas. Lindsay’s video message was straight, sweet, and to the point, Catherine’s was goofy and weird, and Ashlee’s was filled with metaphors and tears. While having an intimate conversation with Chris (where was the fireplace?), Sean said he was sure of his decision and knew what he had to do but it would be the “most difficult decision yet.” Isn’t that what he says EVERY week? Pretty sure next week will be the most difficult decision he will ever have to make, sending one woman home who has given her heart to him and fallen head over heels in love with this man.


We can all tell that Sean is struggling with his decision, as his pauses in between giving the roses out is triple the amount of time it’s ever been in Bachelor history. Sean calls Lindsay’s name, takes a 40 second pause when Ashlee gives Sean that evil, Tierra eye, and Catherine gives him a pouty, sad face, and he finally calls Catherine’s name, leaving Ashlee in complete and utter shock. She walks away, doesn’t say goodbye to Lindsay or Catherine, and walks right past Sean. Sean follows her out of course, and she says “just stay here”. “Can I explain myself at least, please?”. He follows her out and explains where he’s coming from, making sure she knows it was the “hardest” decision he had to make and he thinks the world of her, and never wanted to hurt her. Ashlee didn’t say a word. Man! What a POKER FACE! When she broke her silence in the SUV (not a limo), she said sternly “This wasn’t a silly game to me. This wasn’t about a joy ride and laugher and joking and having fun.” Pretty sure your seriousness and lack of a fun side is what contributed to you going home. Sorry, Ashlee! You always have your closets.


Best part about Thailand? FOUR shirtless Sean scenes! Yup, the #ShirtlessSean counter is spiking! Who do you think would be the best fit for Sean? Lucky us, the Bachelor stays in Thailand (warm climate) for the finale which means more hunky shirtless moments. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, feel free to for more Bachelor posts & recaps @alexis_jordana

Until next week..Xoxo


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