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The Bachelor Episode 11 Recap: The Women (& Sean) Tell All

The Women Tell AllThe night the women who were rejected by Sean Lowe look smokin’ hot to TRY to make the Bachelor regret his decision. The WTA is usually my least favorite episode BUT this one was the best one ever. I feel like this group of women were the best because they got along, drama-free (except for the Tierrarist, of course), and they seem genuinely nice. Unheard of, right? The women were all friendly towards each other, but one woman had her daggers out for Sean. Yes, Sean. Who could be mad at “that man”? The one with all the sparkle? Nope! The one who referred to her future husband as “that man”.

The first part of the show was dedicated to none other than Bachelor Nation. I mean it is us that keeps the show going, right? Sean and Chris Harrison show up at Bachelor viewing parties.”It’s an incredible feeling to think people are so invested in my story and the love that I’m searching for,” Sean says. Invested in the story? Invested in his body is more like it. “It’s a very humbling feeling.”

Chris introduces the ladies, Ashley P. aka 50 shades of crazy, DianaBrookeDaniellaJackieKacieLeslie H.KristyTarynKatieAmandaSelmaRobynSarahDesireeLesley M., and AshLee, who were all rejected by Sean, except for the woman of the hour, Tierra, who’s “sparkle” and famous eyebrow will get her own, special entrance later in the show.


After a quick video recap of the season’s most dramatic, tierrable, and crazy moments, the women held nothing back when talking about their enemy, the Tierrarist of the house — from her infamous fall down the stairs, to her hypothermia incident, to which the women and the audience reckon as fake. Brooke on the other hand disagrees and sticks up for Tierra claiming, “I think that this show is about seizing every opportunity whether you’re faking it, whether you’re being real. I think you guys are a little upset because maybe you didn’t do the same thing that she did.” to which the women shook their heads no and showed NO sadness or regret. I mean, who would act like that? The women clearly do regret making an effort with Tierra. “If I could go back, I would completely ignore Tierra and not even get into it”, Robyn says, “because she really isn’t worth my time.” Chris tells the women that although Tierra isn’t there right at that moment to defend herself, she is there, backstage. Oh yes, ALL of Tierra is there, including her eyebrow, her sparkle, and her bottle of perfume that she sprayed ALL over her body. FYI Tierra – basking in your perfume doesn’t hide your crazy.

Chris Harrison asked the audience and the women as hard as it might be, “I’m asking you a big favor here — Let’s hear her out”. Big favor there, Chris, BIG! Tierra did not get a warm welcome, well at least from her ex-housemates. WHAT was Tierra wearing? tierra-202x300 One thing she didn’t get out these women was their sense of style. I’m pretty sure Tierra picked out the ugliest, most heinous dress she could find. NO sparkle can get her out of that mess. While she tries to explain her behavior on the show, Tierra puts the blame on the women and the gist of her explanation is the fact that the women could not handle her sparkle or immediate chemistry with Sean. She believed that getting the first rose, right out of the limo put an immediate target on her back, one that she didn’t want, claiming that she was “ganged up on”.


“It’s difficult for me, because I light up in a room, especially with people I’m comfortable with. And when I walk into a room, I bring this joy and this smile and I’m happy,” she says. “But with people who…don’t give me a chance to have that light and to show my personality, they immediately judge me based off of what I look like instead of the inner person, the heart I have, the good family I come from, and all my morals that I have as well.”

The women were, not surprisingly, unsympathetic towards her and her explanation, especially when she claimed she never said a bad word about them. Oh wait, saying you want to knock over those b****es at roller derby is not saying anything bad? Looks like that perfume had an effect on her brain, not her body. When Chris Harrison asked Tierra if she regrets anything or how she acted, she goes silent for a minute, and says “no”, the women can’t help but get riled up. Robyn can’t believe her ears. “I am shocked that tierra-the-bachelor-lg you are saying the things that you’re saying right now,” Robyn chimes in. “You’re being so sweet and you’re being so innocent. You’re delusional! Thank you, Robyn. You told Tierra what we all wanted to tell her. Tierra again tries to defend herself by putting the blame on Ashlee for the confrontation in St. Croix. This is coming from the girl who Lesley said “made her own bed, her own cot, what have you.”

Just when the environment got so intense, you could cut the tension with a knife, Chris changes the subject to what everyone in America cares mostly about – Tierra’s eyebrow and her “sparkle”. “Who cares?”, she asks. “That thing has it’s own Twitter”. Little Miss Nevada – “it wasn’t to add fuel to the fire.” “I can’t help but be blinded by the rock on your finger.” “How long ago did you get engaged?”, Chris asks. The snarky enemy responds, “no comment”. What? No comment? Then two seconds later she gives out the big secret – in January. Too bad she didn’t reveal her other secret — who her fiancé is. She better keep the wraps on his identity before he’s name the dumbest man in America.

Sarah took the hot seat next. In case y’all forgot, Sarah got sent home in Canada before the rose ceremony. Sean pulled her aside clip_20130227_bachelor_a_203608the night of the polar bear plunge date to explain the lack of chemistry he felt during their alone time. Sarah is probably the most courageous, likable woman ever on the Bachelor. Nothing stopped her from coming on the show, repelling down the side of a building, and participating in roller derby, despite the fact that she has one arm. What a role model! She is a class act. Hope Tierra was taking notes. THAT is how a classy woman with proper grammar speaks. “Through this whole experience, I’ve learned about self acceptance and I’ve learned about being open and being vulnerable,” she concludes. “And I’ll bring that to my next relationship.” Kudos to Sarah for coming on the show, facing her fears, confronting Sean, and moving on!

Up next? Fan favorite and new Bachelorette (well not official, but almost), Des, who left broken hearted after what she called, “the worst hometown date in Bachelor history”. Des explained her chemistry with Sean to Chris Harrison and the rest of Bachelor Nation. “I felt we had a natural chemistry,” Sarah said. “We had a connection that I didn’t think the other girls could surpass. So in that moment when he was sending me off, I thought he was making the biggest mistake of his life.” She admitted her brother was most likely a key ingredient in Sean’s decision and Des often wondered if things would be different if her brother didn’t meet Sean. Yes, Des – Your brother screwed up your relationship with Sean and he will screw up every other relationship you have. If I were her, I’d leave him in the tent that he grew up in.

Last but not least came AshLee, the philosophical, sweet, 32 year old who feared Sean abandoning her. Oh boy did AshLee have us fooled. That sweet, down-to-earth, southern girl is not so sweet. Well, you could say sweet and spicy. Ashlee, who made the most awkward and dramatic exit in Thailand, not saying a word to Sean, was going to have the last word. AshLee insists she wasn’t “pissed” — “You look pissed!” Harrison quips — just blindsided. “He’d been telling me, ‘You’re going to meet my family. You and my sister are going to be best friends,'” she explains. “So this whole time, I’m thinking, ‘Huh, I got this.’ And then all of a sudden I didn’t.”

Ashlee, who claims during her entire time on the show fell in love with “this man” for his values and character, started to attack Sean’s character, saying he wasn’t the man she knew, and referred to him as a “frat boy”. She expressed her feelings that he acted completely different with her than the other women. “With me, he was just a Southern gentleman. And with the other girls, I mean, hate me for this, but he kind of acted like a frat boy.” OUCH! Yes, Ashlee, Sean acted different with you because you were not fun and you questioned his sense of direction in a cave.


Chris encouraged Ashlee to share her feelings with Sean and face him face-to-face. Oh did she confront him! Sean was relieved he would never have to see Des’ brother again who attacked him by calling him a playboy, and he certainly didn’t think he would be attacked and called a “frat boy” by the sweet, abandoned girl. Ashlee then accused Sean of telling her he had no feelings for the other two women on their fantasy suite date in Thailand. Sean looked BLINDSIDED. Ashlee must live by the phrase, karma is a bitch. He blindsided her in Thailand? She was going to do the same. Sean looked utterly confused and claimed he “did not say that and never would”. So wait, let me get this straight. Sean told Ashlee he had NO feelings for Catherine and Lindsay, yet they are his final two women? Nice try, Ashlee. “Sean, come on,” she presses him. To which he replies, “I…promise that I didn’t say that. I didn’t and I wouldn’t say that.” The back-and-forth continues in that vein for what feels like forever, until Harrison finally breaks it up by saying, “Well, I’m not sure if this helped or hurt, but I am glad both of you got to finally have the talk that you didn’t get to have in Thailand.” Ashlee was SHOCKED that Sean, the southern gentleman that he is, didn’t come and check on her after he sent her home. Ashlee, this isn’t a REAL relationship. You are on the BACHELOR, a show where 25 women date one man. One stays, 24 go. Has she really never seen the show before? Southern gentleman, northern gentleman? I don’t care what kind of gentleman the Bachelor is, they don’t “check” on a girl they just sent home. Get over yourself. You’re not that important.

Ashlee wasn’t done yet. During the commercial break she wouldn’t let down. “I would have never said something like that,” Sean whispers. AshLee snaps back: “But you did! You did! I want to beat you right because you said it.” Sorry, Ashlee, you aren’t getting the last word. Chris puts an end to the bicker and gives Sean the last word. “Obviously I must have said something that misled AshLee, and I’m sorry if I did.”

Although the WTA was awesome, it would have been better if:

  • Sean was shirtless the entire time
  • Sean got to confront Tierra
  • Sean had time to talk to/sit with Lesley to explain what happened with their relationship
  • Tierra’s “fiance” was revealed

The best part of the night? This tweet graced all y’alls TV screens (P.S. How GORG does Lesley M. look?)photo-216

We see the video of each of Sean’s last two women, Lindsay and Catherine, and previews of next week’s finale. Seriously, where did this season go?!?! It seems like it just started! By far the BEST Women Tell All and Bachelor season. Who do you think Sean will pick? Who do you think is the best for him? I truly don’t like either woman for him. I think they are both too young and not ready to settle down. Catherine seems like she wants to party and start a new life in a big city, obviously something that Sean doesn’t want. Lindsay seems like she doesn’t have her future figured out, career wise, and she isn’t ready to fully commit and settle down, however, I don’t know either bachelorette enough to say anything. Thoughts?

Until next week..Xoxo


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