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Bachelor Episode 12 Recap: Love Is In The Air

Where did this season go?! Two months of witnessing Sean Lowe’s (and his gorgeous shirtless body) journey of falling in love has gone by in a flash. We all wanted to know three things going into the finale. Who does Sean pick? Does he propose? Does she says yes? What was that letter all about? After The Final Rose wouldn’t be the same without Chris Harrison teasing us with the biggest surprise that was just decided in the last 24 hours. If you’ve been watching The Bachelor for a while, hopefully you’ve smartened up and realize you have to take what Chris Harrison says with a BIG grain of salt.

Sean’s family comes out to Thailand to meet the two women. First, can we just talk about how gorgeous and amazing his family really is? Who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Lowe clan? His sister Shay and her husband are perfect looking and their kids are practically models. I would want to be part of that family just so Shay can build me a life size play house that her daughter McKenzie has. Catherine met the family first. They welcomed her with open arms. Catherine talked to Sean’s dad where she felt so comfortable and knew this was the family she wanted to become a part of. “If it’s you that Sean ends up marrying, you will never have a bigger fan than me. I will love you like my daughter and support you.”, Sean’s dad, Jay tells Catherine. Aww, how cute! Catherine got teary eyed..Because she was happy or because she was afraid of losing Sean AND his amazing family? She talked to Sean’s mom, Sherri as well and it was safe to say, they really took to Catherine.

Next up? The drunk girl who showed up in a wedding dress to meet their son. Lindsay and Sean showed much more affection when talking to the family, telling them where they have been, what they have done, and the state that Lindsay was in when they met. His family found the humor in it and they all shared some laughs. Jay pulled Lindsay aside and threw the tough questions at her. It’s obvious how seriously Sean’s family was taking this and Jay’s questions confirmed that. He wanted to see if the giddy, 24 year old, substitute teacher was ready for the commitment that his son was searching for. Jay got to ask questions, then it was Lindsay’s turn. “I do have one question for you”, Lindsay says. “Can I have Sean’s hand in marriage?”, Lindsay asks while she bursts out in laugher. With a slight hesitation, Jay laughs and says “If it’s cool with him, you got it baby.” Lindsay shared her feelings for Sean with Sherri, explaining that their relationship is “’s normal”. Yes, Lindsay, your relationship is real and normal, traveling to exotic locations, eating bugs, being followed by camera crews, and sharing it with viewers on national television. Lindsay explained to Sherri that her and Sean’s values line right up. “We want to wait to umm get married to live together”, Lindsay says, but what she really means is “We want to wait to get married to umm sleep together”. It was time for Lindsay to “say her goodbyes”, Sean says. Wow, he has really learned something from Chris. Overall, the family visits were normal and uneventful, different from past seasons.

After his family meets the two women, Sean tries to get them to reveal who they like better or who they see him with more, to make sean-and-his-mom-2368641862520580267 his decision easier. After they say what most every family has said before, “they’re both great girls!”. Thanks fam! Sean’s mother is very skeptical of the proposal considering Sean himself has said he only wants to be engaged and married once. She expresses her concerns to him and lets him know if he isn’t sure what girl he wants to end up with at that point, he shouldn’t propose to either woman. Wow, mom, now those are BIG words. Sean goes for a walk with his mother to reassure her of his feelings for both girls, and his love for his family. He listens to her concerns and gladly tells her, he won’t make a mistake.

On their last one-on-one date before his big decision, Sean and Lindsay take a raft ride down the Mekong River. As that poor man is sweating behind them, “driving” the raft, the two lovebirds reminisce over their journey starting with their date in Montana. While remembering all the fun, good times, Lindsay jokes that Sean is a “an awful wrestler” while Sean rebuttal’s “No I’m not. Do not tell lies. I will pin you so fast on the river.” Oh wait, if the water didn’t look like diarrhea they could have jumped in. Lindsay explains their relationship as the perfect balance where they can be goofy and best friends, but they also have the best chemistry. Sean and Lindsay discuss the possibility of a future and how they will look old. “I’m gonna be pretty handsome.”, Sean says about himself. “I can picture you being a hot old chick.”, he says about Lindsay. At least they’ll be old and hot together.


During the second half of their date, Lindsay feels the pressure to put her entire heart and self on the line on “the most important night of her life.” Don’t forget about the final rose ceremony, Lindsay. Pretty sure that’s the day that will change your life..for better or for worse. The two discuss their feelings, well Lindsay tells Sean how madly in love with him she is, while Sean sits there nodding his head and smiling. For all Lindsay knows, he could be smiling and thinking about his date with Catherine the next day. “When I think of what I want in a husband, you have everything that I’ve ever wanted and then when I think about the relationship that I want with my husband, we have that.”, Lindsay tells Sean. “and it just keeps getting better and better..but I’m nervous” “Don’t be nervous”, Sean says as he kisses Lindsay’s hand. “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you,” a skeptical Lindsay shares. She lays out all of her concerns while Sean tells her “I am glad I’m here right now..and you look really pretty tonight”, followed by many kisses. “When Sean and I kiss it’s very reassuring because his kisses kind of just tell me it all..that’s why we’re always kissing cause I feel like that’s how he can really express himself to me right now.” Lindsay tells Sean she has a surprise. He’s hoping it’s not a wedding dress. Lindsay had three lanterns with the three things (wishes) she thinks they need to have a happy life – love, happiness, and Sean’s virginity. No, no! Just joking! The first one was for love, the second was for happiness, and the third was for family. They lit the lanterns and sent them off into the skies of Thailand, while Lindsay prayed she would be the last girl standing.


Sean and Catherine meet up for what could be their last date. All I want to know is what on earth Catherine is wearing. Catherine’s nsgfJj5xcDSmstyle and little notes screams she is still in middle school. Sean surprises her with an elephant. They take a ride on Beau through the Thailand gardens. Sean put Catherine in charge. If Catherine’s sense of direction is anything like her fashion sense, those two will be in MAJOR trouble. After their triumphant elephant ride, the two lovebirds sit down to talk about their journey. Catherine tells Sean “I’m excited..for everything” with the least amount of an excitement that an exciting person should have. They talk about their future. Not about where they will live or how many kids they want, but about engagement parties.

During the second half of their date, Catherine, just like Lindsay realizes how important it is to lay her heart on the line. Only problem is, every time Catherine has done that and said “I love you” first to a man, it’s ended. Yes, Catherine is Taylor Swift. Sean says that date was “one of the coolest days in my life” after the time he and Lindsay ate bugs, of course. “That’s the truf”, he says in his “nerdy” voice. Catherine lays her heart on the line, aka trying to convince Sean she is the right woman for him. “You’re constantly on my mind and I picture you and I a lot”, he says. Sean gives Catherine some affirmation, also known as major lip action. “I honestly can’t see it any other way going down than me accepting your proposal. I couldn’t not see that happening”, Catherine reveals. She should be able to see Lindsay accepting Sean’s proposal too. While saying goodbye, Catherine and Sean hug where she tells him “Sean, I love you.”, hoping their relationship would continue and not fail, just like all her previous ones where she said the magic words first. Catherine feels very unsettled, wishing she would get “a glimmer of I want to be with you forever” but didn’t. She ran after Sean, where he comforted her by hugging, kissing her and confirming how great their day together was. Catherine, who says she “feels like s***” verbalizes her frustrations, admitting “I can’t get anything out of him”. No Catherine, you can’t. You are on The Bachelor, a show where the bachelor/ette doesn’t reveal their feelings until the FINAL rose ceremony. “I want him to reciprocate his feelings for me”, she says. Realizing that Sean must have feelings for herself AND the other woman he is dating, Catherine is a ball of nerves after their final date.

We hear Sean talk about the two remaining women, while we are starring at THIS –> photo3

Sean looks over rings with Neil Lane, choosing the cushion cut for his princess. Somewhere, AshLee Frazier is kicking herself for even mentioning the type of ring she wanted. While talking about his future with the love of his life who he “can’t live without”, Sean sheds some tears. Will he pull a Mesnick?

Both women get emotional while getting ready to go learn their fate. Lindsay “can’t imagine her life without Sean”, while Catherine “feels confused”. With Lindsay’s positive words and outlook and Catherine’s skepticism, Sean knows what he needs to do. If you have been watching The Bachelor/ette since the beginning, or even the last few seasons, you know how it plays out. Whatever girl gets out of the limo first is the one going home. There was ONE exception during Jesse Palmer’s season when his final choice, Jessica arrived first and waited inside the Bachelor mansion while Tara arrived, only for Jesse to tell her she’s not the one. Since then, the producers have not tried to trick us again.

Lindsay showed up first. Actually, her tattoo showed up first. She walked over the bridge where Sean was waiting on the other side. He looked troubled, sporting his incredible poker face. Sean and Lindsay’s conversation starts off the same it always had. “You Lindsay-approaches-the-final-rose-ceremony  look beautiful”, Sean says, Lindsay says, “thank you. You look handsome.” Let’s cut the BS guys and get the show on the road. “You have been such a surprise”, Sean says. What he meant was I thought you were a drunk, young girl in a wedding dress but I was wrong. Sean says he wants to give his heart to her so bad but his heart is somewhere else. At that point, Lindsay pulls her hands away from Sean’s. Nodding her head like she understands but just wants to shut him up and slap him, Lindsay  says, “I’m going to go”. As happy as Lindsay says she is for Sean, she really wants him and Catherine to fall in the river and drown. Lindsay takes her shoes off with her real intention to throw them at Sean.

Chris Harrison shows up with THE letter. Hopefully y’all have watched the show enough to know something big that they’ve made this letter out to be is actually NOT something that big. Sean expresses his concerns that he’s receiving a letter from Catherine, when in fact she is supposed to be on her way to him right then and there. His immediate thoughts? She’s opting out. Oh, Sean, CHRIS-HARRISON-CATHERINE-GUIDICI-lgwho would opt out from you? That girl would have to be CRAZY. Don’t fear Bachelor Nation, Catherine’s innocent little notes throughout the season turned scandalous for no reason. Catherine shows up looking the best she’s ever looked in a gorgeous one-shoulder, gold, David Meister gown. He finished reading Catherine’s biggest love note of the season, shedding tears as his future  wife walked towards him. “I miss you every time we have to say goodbye.”, Sean says. “I don’t want to say goodbye anymore” Catherine’s eyes start fluttering, her nostrils can’t stop pulsating, and her hands trembling. Catherine almost has a heart attack while Sean gets on bended knee, asking her if she will marry him. Sean finally gets to say the magic words that Catherine wanted to hear for eight weeks. “I love you”, he says. “I will tell you every day.” “I am so addicted to you”, Catherine says, as she stares at Sean in awe. She accepts his ring AND final rose. Sean asks Catherine if she’s ready to get out of there, only to turn around and see their ride, an elephant waiting to whisk them away, off into the sunset. Catherine is still in awe, asking, “I get this (the elephant) and this (Sean)?” “Yes, your beefcake”. One hunky, piece of beef right there.



Congratulations to the happy couple!

Throughout the finale, during the live studio audience participation, Chris Harrison announced there would be a live, surprise announcement from Sean and his fiancé coming up on After the Final Rose that was just decided within the last 24 hours. Again, if you’ve been watching the show for a while, we would all take this surprise with a big grain of salt. The big news? Sean and Catherine announced since they found love on national television, it would only make it right to be married on national TV and share their special day with Bachelor Nation. Seriously, that was the announcement? Now y’all know..Don’t read into Chris Harrison’s surprises that much.


Lindsay was on After the Final Rose to talk to (and possibly) confront Sean about his decision or how he did it but the young bachelorette couldn’t find it in her heart to rip into Sean for any reason. He let her down the best he could, given the circumstances and he had no good reason to give her other than he had fallen in love with Catherine, even though he still loved Lindsay. What a sick and twisted concept that is. Lindsay handled herself and the situation with grace. What a class act!

The final announcement? The next Bachelorette is drumroll..Desiree. Not like we didn’t know before. With all these spoilers, even bachelor-sean-lowe-dancing-with-the-stars ABC can’t keep a secret. Chris asks Des if she can handle 25 guys. Don’t worry, if Des can’t handle him, we know her brother will. It didn’t take long for Des to shed some tears, sharing her joy with viewers from all over the country. If she is shedding tears just when she is announced as The Bachelorette we are going to be in for a very long, emotional journey. Oh wait, the LAST and FINAL surprise is ..drumroll..Sean is the 12th celebrity to join the Dancing With The Stars cast. That wasn’t a secret either. It was leaked weeks ago, along with the news about Des. Sean is my only reason for watching DWTS this season, but damn! Peta better turn up the heat and get us some major ‘shirtless Sean’ action with some sexy salsa and samba dances. Get your voting on and be a part of #teamseanandpeta or #teammurgalowe.


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