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Wardrobe Wednesday

I love casual chic days at work, especially in between seasons when one day it’s 60° and it’s 40° the next. I keep starring at my bright, spring clothes that I want to put to use but that will have to wait for warmer, spring like days! Until then, I rely on my numerous pairs of leggings and skinny jeans. My favorite thing about leggings and skinnies is how versatile they are and how you could get away with wearing the same pair of bottoms one week but still make the outfits look completely different. I have a few different denim shirts I’ve recently bought but I just found my favorite one. This one by Sandra Ingrish (sold at Nordstrom) is soft, the right color I was looking for, and it’s the perfect length and style. I was looking for the perfect balance between comfort, fabric, softness, and fit and I finally found it!

Even though I’m bringing the leopard print and darker hues out in this outfit, it can be worn in the fall or in between winter and spring. You can switch it up and wear leopard flats with it if it’s a little bit warmer out or throw on a pair of brown slouchy boots to complete the look. Don’t forget this gorgeous bracelet from JCrew and one of my favorite, most comfortable and chic scarves from the Express to bring the entire look together.






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