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Wardrobe Wednesday

Who says baseball can’t be sexy? Girls can like sports AND they can also go to the games (or just root for their favorite team) and still look trendy and sexy at the same time. Monday was Opening Day for the Yankees, which meant that this past weekend was my time to get organized and get all my Yankee gear out and ready for this season. I have a lot of tank tops, t-shirts, shorts, hats, etc. but it was only 55 degrees on Monday so I wasn’t feeling THAT daring just yet! I felt daring enough to get out my white skinny jeans, even though Monday was just the start of warm(ish) days. I was in a sparkling type of mood since the sun was shining and all so I decided to wear my sparkly tank with my white skinnies and my white jean jacket. Perfect early spring outfit for the game! It would have helped if the Yanks won, but I have confidence that once Jeter, Teixeira, and Granderson come back, they will show what they’re made of.


What’s your favorite early spring, game day outfit? Tweet pics to @alexis_jordana!


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