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Pray for Boston

Tragedy struck in Boston yesterday. During the iconic Boston Marathon that attracts thousands of people from all over the world, when most runners were finishing the race, two bombs went off within seconds of each other on Boylston Street, right by the finish line. Instead of hearing the cheers and seeing the smiles to celebrate the victory of family members and friends, we heard the screams and look of fear on the runners faces, as well as those cheering them on. A day that was supposed to be happy and cheerful, celebrating the accomplishment of so many, turned so bad, so fast.





It is an AWFUL tragedy. If we can find any good in all of this (or just a glimmer of hope), we can look at that man in the middle of the runners, approaching the finish line as the first bomb went off. His knees buckled and he fell to the ground. He was seen in many of the photos. Bill Iffrig is his name. I learned about him and his courageous effort and success to run in not only the Boston Marathon, but many others, at the age of 78 (Wow–78 years old and still running!) from my good friend, Julie Miller’s article, Silver-Haired, Silver-Lining to the Boston Marathon Explosions.

Julie Miller, MSW, is a Research Associate at The MIT AgeLab and an Adjunct Instructor at Northeastern University. She is a gerontological social worker by degree, a service-learning facilitator by training, and a mixed media research methods enthusiast by hobby. She brings a deep study and commitment to social justice to her roles at both MIT and Northeastern. Her passion for social work and age research sparked her to write this fabulous, informative article on this courageous, amazing man who not only conquered the race and finished, but survived this awful attack. Please read Julie’s article here and pass it along to show your love and support for Boston, all those who were affected, Bill Iffrig, and the first responders.

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