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DWTS Week 7 Recap

Only 7 couples remain and the competition is getting more intense every week. Each couple is stepping up and bringing their A game, which means the stragglers will be going home within the next couple of weeks. Latin night featuring Juanes brought out the Sean-Lowe-and-Peta-Murgatroyd-Rumba-Dancing-with-the-Stars-16-622x349 sexy, fierce, sultry, and smooth characteristics of each couple and dance. Kellie & Derek and Aly & Mark received the best scores and comments from the judges with their hot and sexy fast paced dances, while Andy & Sharna and Ingo & Kym received flack from the judges about their precision, but were praised for their continued efforts. Everyone else landed in the middle of the pack — meaning they need to really step up their game for week 8, if they are safe tonight.

Leader board                                                                                                                                   

1. Kellie & Derek Samba — 29 (SAFE)

2. Aly & Mark Salsa — 29

3. Zendaya & Val Paso Doble — 27

4. Jacoby & Karina Salsa — 27

5. Sean & Peta Rumba — 24

6. Ingo & Kym Rumba — 22

7. Andy & Sharna Rumba — 17

Since Kellie & Derek received the highest score of the night (even though they were tied with Aly & Mark), they were granted immunity and are SAFE tonight. The Dance Off was for the couples who are still in jeopardy. Aly & Mark danced off against Andy & dwts-latin-night-recap-kellie-pickler-scores-immunitySharna in the cha cha. Aly & Mark won. Zendaya & Val chose to dance off to Jacoby & Karina (their toughest competition) to the samba and Zendaya & Val won. Sean & Peta danced off against Ingo & Kym to the rumba (yes, these couples did the rumba for their first dance of the night). Ingo & Kym won (they got Carrie Ann & Len’s votes while Bruno thought Sean & Peta should have won). Each team that won will get three points added on to their total points for this week. That will really help when it comes down to combining the judges scores and the votes for tonight’s elimination.

Who do you think will be going home tonight?


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