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Denim Days

I’ve always loved jeans but my denim crush has gotten out of control. I think I have 10+ denim shirts and too many pairs of jeans to count. Boyfriend, skinnies, bootcut, oh my! Just like us women can never have too many shoes, we can never have too many pairs of jeans, either. So, let’s dish on the denim. Below are my favorite jeans of late, as well as my favorite jean shirt that I’ve found. What are your favorite jeans/denim shirt? Sound off in the comments below to let me know your fav’s and I will share some of them on my next blog post! Xoxo



For a more reasonable option, I love these ‘Two by Vince Camuto’ destroyed boyfriend jeans. I really like the color and the distressed look, also that there is absolutely no elastane or spandex in them. I don’t like when jeans stretch out so much that they become baggy, so these are the perfect option to keep their original size.


My favorite pair of boyfriend jeans are these Current/Elliott Loved Destroy Boyfriend®. I love the shade of denim, the destroyed look, and there is just the right amount of elastane to make them so comfy.

















These are what I like to call my SPLURGE skinnies! I have a lot of skinny jeans that I’s not difficult for me to find a pair that fit well and are super cute, but I always like to have a pair of splurge jeans because they last so long and are really good quality — those are 7! The ‘VINTAGE 7 COLLECTION: THE SKINNY IN GRINDED BLUE’ are my favorite pair. They have just the right amount of stretch (2%) and still maintain their skinny silhouette.


If you want a great pair of skinny jeans, but a little more reasonable, go with these Abercrombie skinnies. They are super comfy and are very good quality. If you prefer skinny skinnies, you can go with Abercrombie super skinny or their jeggings. All three are great options.


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