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The Bachelorette: Bachelor Bio’s

The Bachelorette season 9 premiere starts in just two weeks on Monday, May 27th at 8/7c on ABC! Today, the bios AND written questionaires of the 25 men vying for Des’ affection are up. Time to swoon, ladies! Des might seem like the all American, girl next door, but according to previews and the producers, we are going to get our fill of steamy hot tub seasons, big surprises, fights, and more. Every season I pick out a girl/guy who I think will be in the final four and I’ve been right each time (the pressure is on!) So who’s my favorite? Dan & Michael G.! As soon as I saw Dan’s picture, I knew he looked like an All American guy, who is sweet and looking for love. He doesn’t seem like a playboy or someone who is going to play games. Michael on the other hand, DEFINITELY has all his ducks in a row (wow — did I just say that?!). He’s a prosecutor, he’s 33, knows what he wants, and he’s gorg. What more could a girl ask for? If I were Des, I would have called off the entire season after meeting Dan and Michael G.! Mhmm!


After looking at Dan’s picture, I did read his profile. That said, what is a beverage sales director? I mean is he in beer sales? Is he an alcoholic? What is his actual occupation? I guess we’ll have to wait to see what he tells Des. As for Dan’s questionnaire..we learned 5 things —

1. His handwriting is OK

2. He’s been wearing speedos for 25 years (yum)

3. He’s not religious and just likes holidays for the time off from work

4. He’s close with his family

5. He doesn’t care if it doesn’t work out with Des because he knows he would                        have a second chance at finding love with 25 bikini clad women.

Yes, that’s why I love Dan!


Five things we know about Michael G. —

1. He has HUMUNGUS feet (you know what that means, ladies)

2. He could keep Des’ brother in line

3. He’s a neat freak

4. Seems on the conservative side

5. He’s a manly man

Michael & Dan — My pick for Des’ final two pics (unless Michael puts Des’ brother in the slammer first and gets kicked off)

For the other bachelors —

Ben — An entrepreneur? A fancy word for unemployed? At least he has pretty decent handwriting.

Brad — Accountant = boring, DJ = fun At least he has a good combo..The peanut butter obsession is a little intense – Hope Des’ isn’t allergic.

Brandon — Pretty boy, bad penmanship, religious

Brian — Not into the whole questionnaire aspect..could his answers be any shorter?

Brooks — Needs fashion lessons

Bryden — He will get an awwww from Des after he mentions his participation in the war

Chris — He needs to learn that after you capitalize the first letter of a sentence, all other letters are lowercase (except for some instances).

Dan — Model turned beverage sales director (alcoholic?)

Diogo — Did ABC misspell his name and mean to put Diego? If not, he might want to change it.

Drew — A romantic.

James — Gel crazed maniac; His favorite author is Dr. Seuss? Is he 5?

Jonathan — Biggest date fear is no chemistry? Hmm Being stood up? Being tricked? Come on.

Juan Pablo — If he’s ignorant enough to say he doesn’t read, I’m afraid of what else he doesn’t do.

Kasey — Did he get electrocuted?

Larry — Bragger turned greasy grandpa

Micah — He resembles Des’ brother — AKA send him home ASAP

Michael G — Can put Des’ brother in his place or the slammer if need be

Mike R — Looks too perfect

Mikey T — Stick to plumbing

Nick M. — At least he understands the concept of the show. Yes, Nick — the point is to fall in love

Nick R. — A tailor & a magician? WHAT kind of combo is that? Does he magically tailor a suit?

Robert — He looks like a giraffe

Will — His forehead is bigger than his hometown

Zack K. — GORGEOUS but needs penmanship lessons

Zak W. — Four words – he twirls his hair. Wait, what? Yes, he really does twirl his hair. Is he a girl in disguise?

There you have it Bachelor Nation! A critique of the 25 bachelors vying for Des’ affection this season on The Bachelorette! Don’t forget to tune in TWO weeks from tonight!

Download the PDF of the Bachelorette Bracket Season 9 PDF fill it out, scan it, & I’ll post them on my blog and we will reveal the winner at the end of the season. Good luck! :)

Bachelorette Bracket Season 9 PDF









See all 25 bachelors and their bios & questionnaires here. Who are your early favorites? Sound off in the comments below and let us know who your favorites are and why!




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