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Workout Wednesday

When I go to the gym, I have to match or I don’t feel right. There’s something about working out and looking good that makes me have a much better workout. Do you agree, ladies? I have a lot of work out clothes that serve the purpose of going to the gym and looking just OK, but this is by far my favorite workout outfit. The pants fit so well and are very form fitting which feels good when working out and the tank top is just right — not too loose but not too tight. I don’t like loose clothes at the gym.


I wear a tight white or black spaghetti strap tank (Hardtail) underneath it and it works out perfectly. It doesn’t ride up at all. The Thorlo socks are AHHMAZING! I have them in almost every color they come in. I love the plain white or grey for neutral days at the gym or a run, but I love the colored ones, especially the yellow and orange (you know how I love neon). They match my outfits and sneakers perfectly, not to mention they are so comfortable because of the padding in just the right areas, where your feet need the most support while working out. If you’re looking for some new workout gear, grab these goodies today! FYI — the Thorlo socks are on sale at Nordstrom until next June 5th (originally $14.95, down to $11 — amazing deal considering how comfy they are!) and the Hardtail basic tanks are on sale at Nordstrom (semi annual sale). I love Nordstrom’s activewear section, so being able to get everything there is perfect-one stop shopping!














What’s your favorite workout outfit? Do you have a favorite brand of activewear?




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