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Best of Bachelor’s Funniest Moments

Bachelor’s Funniest Moments (the first ever) aired this past Tuesday. If you love the bloopers, unedited scenes, and the real uncut bachelor/ette fun that you don’t see on the actual show, this show was meant for you. If you didn’t get a chance to see it, you can LINDZI catch it online here. I’ve been watching the show since the first season so I was able to understand and appreciate all the bloopers and funnies that were featured, but for those who have only been watching recently, I will clarify any situations behind the funnies that you might have.

Top 5 things we learned from the Bachelor’s Funniest Moments:

1. Men are equally as scared, if not more of bugs as women are

2. The Bachelor mansion isn’t as clean and nice as we all think it is

3. Skinny dipping occurred more often than one thought

4. Sean Lowe is sexy even getting kicked off a horse (in a kilt, yet)

5. There can be a show solely dedicated to the singing skills, or lack there of on the Bachelor/ette

Most embarrassing moment: Allie G. speaking very candidly about the reproductive stage in her life & pressuring Travis for an answer as to why he chose her to continue on the journey. Maybe it was just the fact that she was very unattractive that Travis didn’t want to pursue her, not the fact that she wanted babies aka to reproduce soon there after. Talk about scaring a guy off. Hope she joined the convent.

Most disgusting moment: Without a doubt, Shannon Bair. Shannon was on Jason’s season. She was known for picking her nose, openly discussing her emotions and crying 24/7. Broke down in front of Jason, shed many tears, blew her nose, picked her nose, and then tried to kiss Jason. YUCK! Time to go back to kindergarten to learn social skills/etiquette.

Most chauvinistic/narcassist moment: Ryan reading off his “list” of what he wants in a woman. Needless to say, Emily said goodbye after he read number 10. Good luck finding a woman who will put up with that.

Most cowardly moment: When Justin was called out on having a girlfriend by Ali and he ran (with a cast on his foot) out of the hotel, down the street, and through some bushes, just so he wouldn’t have to be confronted. COWARD! I often wondered if he was a real man or he just used wrestling as his career to cover up for his feminine, emotional, scared side.

Best limo quotes:

“I’m such a sweet girl and I’m such a good catch and the truth is people are mean to me sometimes the way I look. People hate me because I’m beautiful. It’s a real thing. If thats why this didn’t work out it just like because if I were a little uglier and less noticeable.” -Sarah

“You don’t feel a connection with me? Who do you think you are? G-d? I’m super attractive. I don’t mean to sound conceded but f*** I got a lot going on.” -Natalie Getz

BDg1xufCUAAormW-4432793789399709481What were your favorite funniest moments/bloopers? Share them in the comments section below! Don’t forget to tune into The Bachelorette premiere Monday, May 27th at 8/7c on ABC to see Desiree Hartsock on her journey to find love!




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