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5 Burning Bachelorette Questions

This season of the Bachelorette just might be the most controversial season yet. We already determined this is the craziest and most dynamic group of guys we’ve seen, which brings me to the 5 burning questions that bachelor nation has, just from the season premiere and the previews for upcoming weeks.

1. Is having a baby with your friend the new trend?

According to Ben, who says he was never married, but it’s like two friends have a baby made it sound like it’s the normal, typical thing to do now. What do y’all think?

2. What exactly is a love tankphoto-15

Jonathan, who showed up with a fantasy suite card and a room key (where’s the key to, your bedroom?) didn’t understand why Desiree didn’t want to go to the ‘fantasy suite’, saying that his love tank is not depleted and has been growing over the years. Whaaaat? Hopefully someone is aware what a love tank is and can explain..doubtful though.

3. Does doing outrageous things to stand out really help your chances on the Bachelor/ette?

NO. Zak must have not watched previous seasons. Showing up without a shirt? Stripping down and jumping in the pool? It might have gotten a first impression rose, heck, it might get him to the final two, but it won’t get him a final rose. I am aware of the answer to this but the contestants on the show should check out the success rate, or lack there of, of bachelors and bachelorettes showing up on horses, in a wedding dress, naked, on skateboards, jumping out of the top of a limousine, etc.

4. Would you accept Sean’s abs or Zak’s? photo-275

Tough question, I know. I would of course pick Sean. I mean look at him and his body. Zak is a little too Magic Mike for me.

5. What’s your favorite hashtag (& most original) that sums up this season so far?

Kasey, the advertising executive, who made it known from the second he walked out of the limo that he’s obsessed with hashtags, gave us three hashtags to work with #marriagematerial #theperfectbachelorette #letthejourneybegin

Share your favorite, most creative/original hashtags in the comments section and tweet them to me using #mostoriginalbachelorettehashtag and the most creative will be featured on my blog. Good luck hashtagers!


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