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Instagram Video vs. Vine: What’s the Difference?

Instagram just launched video functionality — A 15-second, image stabilization feature. Whether you are an Instagramaholic or a Vine loyalist, both apps will continue to thrive. While Instagram’s user base is mostly comprised of individuals posting pictures 6a010535893544970c017d3ef41caa970c-800wiof their morning latte’s, lunch, or their new shoes, users of Vine are very interested in the new features to come. Right now, Instagram has the edge with longer video’s (15 secs vs. 6), filters, stability technology, and the large user base, but Vine is about to launch several new features that will enhance the videos, search options, and make it more user friendly.

The aesthetic of Vine is not possible for Instagram, unless they decide to make Instagram video much more touch-sensitive. While the user’s finger has to be pressed down on the screen to shoot the video, there is no stop-action quality like Vine that let’s you create more artistic videos. Some might prefer that, some might not. Some might think Vine is very choppy due to the touch screen and stop-action quality, where some may like it and vice versa. Some might like the looping video that Vine offers, where some might not. It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

While Instagram’s video will let users start and stop their recording until they’ve hit 15 total seconds of video, there’s no looping. That doesn’t mean users cannot and will not be creative, it just will be a different type of creativity. It’s all about the user, the story that they can create. Whether it’s 6 seconds or 15 seconds, one can create a masterpiece that will catch one’s attention either way. 6 second stories require planning and holding the right message and script, while 15 seconds allows one to tell a story in a very simple, less creative way.

For individuals, it will come down to what their preference is, what they’re using it for, and what they’re trying to say. On the other hand, marketers have taken to Vine, mainly because of the looping stop-motion style. They find it interesting, fun, creative, vine-app-icon and a great way to advertise, without feeling too much like traditional ads. While Twitter has been focusing mostly on it’s ad platform, which is it’s major source of revenue, Facebook is obsessing more about it’s design and user functionality, which could explain the user friendly design of Instagram video, while Twitter and Vine cater more towards the brands for marketing purposes. Although Facebook cares very much about the user interface, and pleasing their users, they would no doubt like to repeat the marketing success with Instagram video, that Vine has done. With Instagram’s huge user base and Facebook integration, as well as its recent hashtag integration, it’s going to be tough for Vine to eventually beat that.

Have you tried Instagram Video? What do you think? Vine or Instagram? Cast your vote below and share your comments with us!


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