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Bachelorette Episode 6 Recap: All’s Fair in Love & War

Two things are heating up this week; love and war. The Bachelorette is off to Barcelona, where Desiree will have the chance to spend more time with and get to know each of the remaining seven guys. Barcelona is the second international stop of the trip. “I love everything about this place…it’s the perfect place to fall in love”, Des says. Wait, isn’t every destination on the journey the perfect place to fall in love?

One-on-One Date: Drew

Chris Harrison meets the guys and tells them what to expect while in Barcelona. Chris hands over the first date card to…DREW! For all of you who don’t know yet, I am in love with Drew. From the second we saw him, describing his childhood, what he’s photo-369 been through, and what he is looking for, it was instant love. He seems like such a down-to-earth, sweet, caring, guy, and in case you haven’t noticed, he’s GORGEOUS. Drew meets Desiree in the streets of Barcelona, hugging and picking her up to show his excitement. Drew opens up immediately and tells Des he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about kissing her and starts the date off with a kiss, which we learn is the first of many on their date. Looking around at the beautiful architecture in Barcelona, Drew asks her if she’s ever seen something more beautiful before and all I’m thinking is, yes, your face.

The two drink from a fountain, which means they promise to come back to Spain again (together or alone TBD) and then head over to have some tapas, where Drew opens up about his family, his childhood, and what makes him the man he is today. He gets emotional when sharing stories about his father who is a recovered alcoholic, and now plays a big part in the AA community. Drew gets emotional, shows he is a real man, and makes me fall in love with him even more. Oh wait, I thought that isn’t possible.

photo-367At dinner, Drew starts to feel emotional. They toast to a great day and evening, while Drew admits to the camera that he is being overcome by thoughts and emotions. “My thoughts and emotions are running crazy”, he says…in other words, he’s ready for some action. He looks like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Drew grabs Des and tells her “lets go”. Looking confused and apprehensive, Desiree puts her life in Drew’s hands and follows him to the alley so he could show her how “emotional” he’s feeling. If this is his way of showing emotion, I’d like to get reallyyyy emotional with Drew. ASAP. Arie, you have competition, my friend. After an intense make out session up against the wall and getting the rose, Drew shared the conversation he and Kasey overheard that James and Mikey had. Knowing that selling a guy out to the Bachelorette has a negative affect in prior seasons, Drew, the mensch that he is opens Des’ eyes to the liar in James and spills it all. Heck, at least he waited until AFTER he had the rose. Smart and good looking. Desiree makes Drew aware that she is thankful for him letting her know and says James can go screw himself. Played well, Drew, played well. “I’m very disappointed in James, because I truly believed he was an honest man,” she says in a confessional. “What a f–king a–hole.”


In case you missed when Drew’s “emotions” got the best of him, you can see it here:

Group Date: James, Juan Pablo, Brooks, Chris, Kasey, & Michael

Des sleeps on the facts she knows about James and Mikey, which gives her a fresh, new outlook on the group date. “I’m not going to jump the gun, and I’m not going to go on the attack with James…I really want to give him the benefit of the doubt.” Does Des not remember her housemate Tierra?

The guys show up, knowing that they will be kicking some balls around (soccer balls that is). Desiree is happy to see each of the guys, especially Juan Pablo, the sexy, professional soccer player. This date is his chance to show off his mad skills. “Juan Pablo’s very name is directly translated to, ‘You have no chance — and I am going out with Desiree at this moment on the soccer field,'” Brooks quips. Juan Pablo’s confidence takes a hit, however, when he and the guys are outmatched in a game against Des and her team of professional women soccer players. Ouch! The guys score two goals in a row, but that’s it for them — the rest of the game is just them watching the ladies kick balls into the net past James, the goalie. “If we don’t beat them, we’re going to be embarrassed forever,” Brooks says, noting that James is “like a little girl in the net.” James already has a target on his back, but now is titled the wuss of the group.


Final score: 10-2 — the boys lost, thanks to the 260 pound, 6’2″ wuss, James who let 10 goals get by him without an attempt at saving them. They all head off to a cocktail party to have some alone time with Des. Desiree grabs Chris first, and takes him to her bedroom and reads him a poem on the back of a postcard she wrote for him. They kiss and share an intimate moment before returning to the sharks. “The Chris and Des love scale is rapidly rising”, Chris gushes to the camera.

While Des has some one-on-one time with Brooks, Michael and Kasey take time to go outside and ask James for an explanation of the conversation that they overheard with Mikey. James is taken aback by the attack, stunned in silence. He eventually attempts to defend himself, “I don’t think I was the one who started that conversation,” he says weakly. He then proceeds to deny having said any of the things Kasey says he said, before going on the attack against Michael. “You haven’t even been on a one-on-one date yet!” he yells. “That makes it worse!” Michael yells back. “I haven’t even been on a one-on-one date, and I would never make the comments you made on that bus.”



James immediately goes on the defense, attacking Michael for the way he treated Ben during their 2-on-1 date the previous week in Munich. “I didn’t bring that s–t up,” he tells Kasey of the conversation. “Mikey did. What the f–k ever, dude.”

Kasey uses his one-on-one time with Des to recap the James drama. Apparently Kasey doesn’t remember what happens to the guy who badmouths the bad guy #niceguysfinishlast After Kasey brought this to her attention, Des decides there will not be a rose handed out that night. She sends everyone but James back to the hotel and then confronts him about about Kasey and Drew’s version of events. “The walls are closing in on James, and s–t’s about to hit the fan,” she says.


Kasey is confident that Desiree will take care of the James situation and send him home, but as Desiree starts talking to James, his defensive walls pop up and the wuss comes out. James, not owning up to his own words and actions, puts the blame on the other guys for attacking him when Mikey played the biggest part in the conversation, weasels his way into Des’ heart and gets a second chance. I think it’s safe to say James and Mikey won’t be hanging out on the boat, romancing girls this summer. Des and James both cry, but in the end, she sends him back to the hotel so they can both take time to process the situation. The rest of the guys, who were so sure that James was going to get the boot, are shocked to see him waltz in the door with a snide, “Gentlemen, goodnight. “I’m gonna stay, and they can watch me walk off into the sunset with her,” he says in a confessional later.


-One of many shocked faces when James came through the door-

One-on-One Date: Zak

The next day, Zak meets Desiree at an art gallery where they sketch each other. Zak’s sketch of Desiree is disastrous, to say the least, making Desiree fall to her knees laughing hysterically. Zak and Des are having a good time, poking fun at each other’s drawings, until a male model walks in. He quickly drops his robe, while Des and Zak (mostly him) look stunned. With everything revealed, Zak’s demeanor changes and he puts on his serious, artiste face, and starts drawing. Zak’s serious face wouldn’t last for long. He disappeared and came back in his tight-whities to give Des yet another laugh. After the ordeal with James, thats exactly what Des needed.

At dinner in a wine cellar, Zak tells Des about his family (no shocking bombshells) and his love for traveling. They kiss, he gets the rose, they continue kissing, while Zak is floating on cloud nine. “I’m absolutely in love with this woman,” he gushes to the camera. “There’s no doubt about it. I don’t feel any hesitation…It feels insanely good to be in love, and not just to be in love but to be in love with a woman that is so incredible.”

Back at the hotel, James confronts Drew about what he heard and ultimately told Des, where the conversation escalated and James walked off. “James is a piece of s–t,” Drew sneers. Admit it, guys, you love when Drew gets mad. He becomes even sexier than he already had been, which is hard to do.

The next day, Desiree shows up to the guys hotel room, asking to speak to James. Knowing there is no cocktail party before the rose ceremony, this is the last chance the guys get to speak to Des. They go outside and have a talk where he continues to sweet talk her, in hopes of continuing his journey to ultimately have a chance at becoming the Bachelor. Little does he know, the majority dislikes him so much that he wouldn’t even have that chance now. “I’m not here to hurt your feelings,” he insists. “I’m not here to fool you. I’m here to fall in love with you.”


James sheds more tears, proving he’s the wuss of the group, and convinces Des that he is there to be with her and not for the fame. Talk is cheap. Desiree seems unnerved by his reaction and settled on his explanation…at that moment. “If James gets a rose tonight, I think the group is going to collectively s–t themselves,” Michael says of the situation in the house.

Three men were going home that night at the rose ceremony. Based upon the drama that went on this week, we could tell who was getting the boot. James, Kasey, and Juan Pablo were sent home (no surprises), while the other guys are ready to hit the map, and heat things up in Portugal.

“People vs. James. Case dismissed,” Michael, the federal prosecutor concludes.

Who’s your pick for Desiree? I think she goes best with Brooks, but you know who my real love is! 650156

The previews for the remainder of the season look intense. The part I care about includes Drew and Des on a beach, getting emotional. What do you all think? What’s on the horizon for these lovebirds? And for everyone else? Please, do not share any spoilers or end results that you have read…some viewers want to be surprised.

Until next week…




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